Selection for submission


This piece demonstrates use of colour within a limited palette. I didn’t use much colour experimentation in this unit so this is the only submission piece in which I focused simply on colour. I have submitted some drawings in support of my minimal experimentation into colour, with other still life experimentation using a wide range of media. I was weary of using colour as I wanted, on a personal level, to improve my understanding of drawing materials and techniques.


Drawings of ‘The Pond’ and ‘The Tree’ evidence my experimental approach to combining observational drawing with exploring mark making and line. My use of expression in these drawings portray the way I see this scene along with the developed technique that I seemed to have adopted in assignment 5. Drawing in this way made a huge impact in finally starting to enjoy observational drawing, as I started to understand the ways in which a drawing from observation didn’t have to be perfectly realistic. My understanding of depth and perspective improved, especially evident in ‘The Pond’. Sense of movement and rhythm were also very important to me in these drawings.


This drawing is an abstract representation of a figure, using coke cans and acrylic paint to create it. The aim was to focus on conveying energy within the figure. I was also struggling to get proportions correct in my figure drawing and this process helped me loosen up. A single line felt daunting to me, as there was too much scope for it to go wrong. Having circular marks on the page transforms the drawing into something more rhythmic and unrestricted.


This piece was the most enjoyable, planned and self-fulfilling piece that I completed but it also encompassed everything I had learnt. It demonstrates a deeper understanding of how to create depth in my work, effective use of marks and lines, use of various media and an interesting introduction of tone. It also includes evidence of observational drawing that is a repeated image. I have been able to include a subtle use of colour in this piece which breaks up all of the black marks, but this is also evident in Mehretu’s work.


I was really impressed with the successful outcome of my proportions in these drawings. I wanted to use a simple material to draw my first statue experimenting with various pencil thicknesses. My use of tone in my Gandhi statue highlighted his facial features and glasses. I struggled to draw the hands and they are slightly small in proportion to the rest of his body. The second statue drawing was of David Lloyd George was completed in ink and oil pastel. This time I wanted to keep a focus on tone but explore tone with different media. I started with ink which I laid the basis down for the dark and light tones I then went onto experiment with oil pastel in a way that I hadn’t before. I started to smudge the oil pastel to blend tones and create gradual shadows and highlights. I found that this created a softer feel to the piece and worked well in keeping a form to the statue.


I have selected this piece to evidence my use of perspective and technical observational drawing skills. I was able to complete some preliminary studies which progressed my understanding in drawing angles to portray the correct perspective. (Please see supporting work) Although I wanted to convey this technical understanding I also wanted to add in a little creativity. Developing the themes that I was working on at the time I layered my drawings to create more interest and rhythm.

My two final pieces for assignment 4 have also been selected for submission. These pieces demonstrate my developing understanding of; foreshortening, perspective, tone and my own personal themes (of which I have carried through the unit) of layering, transparency, mixed media and line. I wanted to challenge myself for this assignment and the chosen pose for each drawing reflected this.




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