Evidence of acting on feedback pointers:

Editing of final piece:

For my final piece I have adapted and planned the final outcome that I have now achieved. When I submitted this assignment I was aware and concerned about putting ‘too much’ into the drawings and not allowing any ‘breathing space’ within the composition. I did not want to overwhelm the paper or the viewer with too much information although when I received my feedback I completely agreed with my tutor that I did not consider up-scaling some of my marks on the larger support. Also the raw, earthy marks and tones that are present in a lot of my developmental stages are missing in the final outcome. The piece was missing the raw physicality movement, the act of drawing I was so keen to portray, so along with up-scaling of marks I also needed to include these earthy tones. Although this movement of physical presence was missing it wasn’t just the idea of putting it into the piece, it needed to be experimented with and planned to sustain the depth and momentum of the piece. As a result of this I explored with media and marks to search for the most suitable composition to maintain the strong emotional links between the marks and movement and also subject matter. I was conscious of not making the marks too heavy, too broad, too dominant that it took the focus away from the finer details of the piece.

I feel the new marks have added a further dimension to this piece along with deeper emotional connections due to the depth that it has added.

Scroll-like knot drawing:

Breaking this drawing down and looking at the lines and parts of the drawing, as my tutor recommended I do, was a great way in understanding and analysing my mark making process to build form. I have been able to select the tools and skills I used to create this drawing to then produce my final piece. I didn’t even consider using the mark making qualities from this drawing into my assignment piece but it turns out that these types of marks were exactly what my final outcome needed to create movement and evidence deeper emotion. The smudging of marks adds a softer aspect to the piece taking away any harsh marks.

Untitled 4

Artist – Xavier Grau

I have now consistently updated my whole blog, all my work from this course, with the correct Harvard referencing!

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