Joy and Loss drawing:

Another part of my work was to focus on the emotions I felt when visiting my chosen place of landscape. I was keen to visualise these emotions with a use of mark making techniques. These marks would then be included in my drawing to portray my emotions. After a discussion with my tutor I realised two main emotions that I felt, which were actually very contrasting; joy and loss. I decided to engulf myself with each of these emotions to inform a gestural response that could be visualised and made into marks.
The first emotion I completed was joy. I found myself really moving with the tools I was using to draw and developing a sense of ‘dance’ in my drawing. Looking at the marks I created and of which I reflected on whilst conducting this piece, I started to notice fluidity and circular gestures. My marks were a mix of dark, broad, light, faint, circular, straight, spiralled etc. I took notes as I completed the drawing, noticing that my lines were: free, looses, uncontrolled, extended, loud, sure, busy, active, strong, consistent.
My Loss drawing was a lot more morbid and lacked the movement and fluidity which the joy drawing possessed. I reflecting on the outcome it seems that the marks are a lot more consumed within each other. There is no real separation of each line and blurs into one. The drawing lacks varied angles and curves in its line and is rather vertical in its visual appearance. For this drawing I adopted ideas from Tress’ work and manipulated the surface of my drawing, creating a hole in the picture. I liked this physical idea of disturbing the surface and wondered (and still wonder) how I could incorporate this into further drawings. My thoughts whilst completing this piece – anger, frustration, loneliness, lost, longing, emptiness, sadness, soft, weak, linear, tears, no feeling at all
which could be the subject of erasure. Mehretu uses erasure a lot in her work.
I will be using what I have learnt from these drawings and using the marks in further works to create the emotions of Loss and joy.

Installation in the woods:

On instagram (where I find a lot of my inspiration for artists work and ideas) I found a very thought provoking image. This image was a photograph of an installation that an artist had completed in a forest with strong horizontal, vertical, diagonal – it looked to me like – lines of thread. On closer inspection I figured that this was a digital experiment however I was inspired to create a similar image physically in the forest that bought me so many memories.
At this moment in time I was reading a book called ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’, which in hindsight was rather monumental in my thought process when studying trees and their relationship with each other. Ideas started flowing and I started to realise that I could combine this installation with ideas of connection between the trees but also the connection of humans with the forest and the idea of the tree of life. It was also important for me to highlight the importance and the connection that I
had with this landscape. I continued to develop my thoughts and took myself to the landscape and started winding wool around the trees creating a physical connection between myself and the trees connections to each other. I was keen to impose the question of our connection and emotions of a place whilst also thinking how the outcome of this installation can develop my drawing and use of line and marks.
I was really quite inspired by the outcome almost considering the natural and the man made image that I had just conducted. I was hoping that these lines could become part of my work either drawn or more conceptual in understanding how to link my emotions to the place.
I think this is where my strong desire to pursue drawings of trees and consider the importance of them began to arise along with my personal reading of ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’. This also had a really nice link to my memories of my father and of the place as we planted a tree for my father when he passed and his ashes are now scattered into the soil at the base of tree.

Figure 1. Powell, A (2017) Installation 1 [photograph] In: Possession of: Powell, A: Verwood.

Figure 2. Powell, A (2017) Installation 2 [photograph] In: Possession of: Powell, A: Verwood.

Figure 3. Powell, A (2017) Installation 3 [photograph] In: Possession of: Powell, A: Verwood.

Figure 4. Powell, A (2017) Installation 4 [photograph] In: Possession of: Powell, A: Verwood.