Assignment 5 reflection on assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

I honestly feel that my technical drawing skills have improved immensely, especially from the very beginning of this course. I’ve started to realise that there is so much more to drawing than putting pencil to paper. It is about seeing and looking, how a line fits onto the page. My observational drawing has improved through simply observing to a greater depth and taking time to measure accurately. In regards to the final drawing I feel that I have really been able to demonstrate careful consideration in regards to my composition (something that I really struggled with in still life) which I now consider as just as important to putting line to paper. This is evident in my decision making process whilst completing my final piece and my continuous reflection process on my visual outcome. It has tested and stretched my ability of how different marks can represent different meanings within a drawing. I have explored technical and visual skills using a range of media that perhaps has been extended in previous assignments. I wanted to focus more on what I considered worked well in previous assignments and how these materials would work with the subject matter I had chosen. At the beginning of this assignment I completed a few observational drawings where I experimented with oil pastel, ink, tissue paper, paint, charcoal and fine liner but I also explored different techniques and ways of using these materials to create an effect that had a connection to what I was drawing, for example, one of my first drawings was of the tree trunk where I wanted to experiment with texture and line. I used tissue paper to create a relief surface and stippling to create delicate detail on the trunk. For the pine cone drawing it was more about creating the correct shape with the media I was using, to master the overall form of the object. As I continued to develop my thoughts I sub-consciously neglected the mediums that weren’t working, or that I felt would not be best suited to what I was trying to do. For example, I wouldn’t use charcoal for a really detailed line drawing. The final stage of my development was working with different thicknesses of fine liner and felt tip pen (which I introduced colour with). I took forward the idea of drawing with ink to introduce colour along with collaged curves and photographs. My continued inspiration and referencing point was artist Julie Mehretu. However other artists such as; Jindra Jehu and Carol Heft really opened up the possibilities of drawing to me in this assignment and how I could portray my own response to a place.


Quality of outcome:

I was so adamant that my outcome was going to be of good quality and I can confidently say that I think my final piece was one of my best quality pieces that I have produced throughout this unit. However I do believe that I could have added more to the drawing, I was almost too concerned that I was going to ruin the standard I had got to, to then add too much and loose its simplicity. Erasure and ‘breathing space’ was in the fore front of my mind whilst completing the final piece. It was really important for me to remember the importance of composition, so that the viewer was able to drift in and out the piece and for the piece to have movement. I found myself looking more closely at Mehretu’s work each day, each week, to discover and unravel her works so that I could master her techniques. I discovered her first layer was simple and delicate. Her use of line was almost graphic and planned carefully. The most important thing to notice was that Mehretu’s first layer was a repeated image of which I later had completed experiments in Photoshop to imitate this process with my imagery, trees. The simplicity of the marks was an important first layer so that the following layer would then add the ‘chaos’ of movement and emotion. I feel I managed to complete this to a high standard with a fine tipped pen. Once the first layer was down I was able to experiment further with line and refer back to my research drawings and development work to link in marks related to emotion to create movement. I really took my time to make decisions throughout the process of completing this piece, so that I could convey the true emotions I was feeling and the chaos in my own mind.


Demonstration of creativity:

I have been able to continue themes of layer and line to develop my creativity in this assignment. I enjoy working with line and it has been a central focus within this unit. I have demonstrated creativity by using a wide range of resources to develop my ideas and aid in my decision making process. Photoshop has been a real influence in regards to selecting what has worked and what hasn’t, especially for my final drawing. The attachment of emotion to my chosen landscape is crucial as it forms the feeling of the piece. The emotions visualised, demonstrate greater depth of creativity as I had to get into a particular frame of mind to be able to visualise the core feelings attached to that emotion. I think my composition shows intense creative indication between each aspect of the drawing, as I have carefully placed all lines and marks so that the piece flows and creates a sense of movement and the highlights the importance of the subject matter. The angle and position of the coloured curves are imperative in developing depth and perspective in this piece.



I found that I had started to use my sketchbook also as my journal. I found that when looking back at images of my drawings, my ideas continued to develop and my critical reflection also started to kick in. I found myself writing all these thoughts down into my sketchbook which made it easier for me to work less sporadically and more systematically. One point that I hope to improve on for my next unit is to make sure that I keep my online learning log up to date. I find that I collect lots of ideas and drawings and get too carried away with the process, to then find myself a little lost when it comes to uploading my work. I feel that I have kept drawing as much and as best I could to get a wide range of research images to work from.

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