Artist Statement for Assignment 5

Combining movement, emotion and trees in landscape looking at Julie Mehretu as my main focus and then other artists such as; Jindra Jehu, David Tress, Adrian Berg and Carol Heft. The materials I will be using will collectively bring together all techniques and skills that I have developed in this unit so far. My experimentation will be extensive in regards to mark making techniques and developing my own voice in response to research of artists and preparatory drawings. Layering, perspective and depth, line and mark making will all be key aspects in this assignment, to reflect my chosen title of ‘The Outdoors’. My research will be focusing on one particular landscape which holds many sentimental memories which evoke emotions of loss and joy that dictate how I feel about this place now, following the sudden death of my father.

The reason I have chosen to continue developing work with inspiration from Mehretu is because I believe her works are so complex with many un-answered questions (for me as a viewer) and I want my work to spark the same desire and depth in my drawings. I would like my piece or pieces to consume the viewer, for the drawing and viewer to become as one. My aim is to portray my emotions through this piece so that other feel it too. The skills I will use for this is layering line to such an extent that the drawing becomes unrecognisable from a distance and it is only when you come close that you become fully engaged with the piece. This is like understanding death of a loved one. Within this piece you are experiencing the loss of those joyous memories that are forever fighting for a return. Other aspects such as collage are also another factor which I would like to bring forward. The idea of this landscape being represented in a 2D form in a photograph that is then torn/cut up – destroyed – to emphasise my feeling of loss when I am in this place, but slowly piecing back together the memories.

On a side note:

The very act of drawing is such a physical representation of emotion that I started to develop a stronger understanding of the subject I was drawing. Trees are such an important part of life and in the metaphorical sense of trees signifying life.  The connection of trees and human life is so strong and apparent to me that it was something that could not go un-noticed and was going to have to be highlighted for the final piece. This is finally when trees become my sole focus for my final imagery. The links between both species (human and plant) became highlighted to me from my book – The Hidden Life of Trees.

I have used not only artists to inform my decision making process but also personal reading that has so actively although delicately, entered into my mind to inform my drawings during this assignment.

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