Tutor hangout 27th Sept

After having a couple of tough weeks in regards to moving forward with my art I arranged a hangout with my tutor to help make sense of my thoughts and seek some advice on how to progress with the final part of this unit. I felt I had completely lost any momentum and drive to continue prior to the discussion.

I was able to share a handful of drawings with my tutor; this consisted of heavily pattered tree images which I had completed as well as one of my drawings (from my chosen landscape) which has been drawn mainly using small marks and lines. These drawings are a complete contrast to each other in terms of the mark making and approach used. Whilst talking to my tutor about these drawings I was able to realise and open up about what I thought worked and what I liked or disliked about them.

The more I discussed my drawing, the more I started to realise the importance of the style of my drawing. My subconscious engagement was made apparent through this discussion and how I was beginning to develop a personal response. I felt completely engaged with the work I was making and the build up of the drawing with various layers of marks. It was very spontaneous and I did not feel pressured to correct any mistakes I felt I made. I also found creating the heavily patterned tree drawings really enjoyable and somewhat therapeutic as I became completely lost in the drawings. The spontaneity and emotion was however almost removed when compared to the other drawing, although the visual outcome was quite intriguing to me. I am still processing ideas as to how I can include my emotion inspired marks into the drawings but feel this will come with practice and experimenting further. (I need to focus on ensuring greater clarity on this point in my work). My tutor raised another important point to make to sure that my drawings can breathe and to ensure there are ‘quiet’ areas in the pieces to force the viewers eyes to travel across the page. After seeing my expressive mark making drawing, my tutor recommended I look at Adrian Berg’s and Peter Doig’s work, particular Berg’s Regents Park series and look at his use of colour and mark making.

I think it is important to note my reasons for the two varied styles of drawing. Although I enjoyed completing my expressive drawing (I think my tutor quite liked this piece) a drawback was that if I were to layer a number of these then the integrity of the respective pieces would be lost due to the volume and nature of marks and lines. I still want to create a distinction in my drawing so as to ensure the trees are clearly identifiable. This is something that Mehretu does well whereby you are still able to recognise her architectural buildings in amongst the expressive marks. This is why I decided to work more distinctively on trees and patterns and not create the gestural marks. The next step for me was to compare what worked for the artists Mehretu and Berg when they applied this approach. I have since completed some Photoshop experiments of the two different drawing styles which I plan to compare to Mehretu’s and Berg’s work.

Discussing more about the particular landscape I have chosen I need to think how I see this place. I mentioned the chosen location was more about evoking emotion of the view rather than the response coming from the position in which I was standing. On reflection however it became apparent that both factors are indeed related and relevant in my visual language about the place and the emotions that it bought up.

I am eager to incorporate wind into my drawings and reflect the sounds and elements of a particular place. The elements provide a sense of reality and can allow me to demonstrate the serene setting that captivates me about the chosen location.

The most helpful takeaway point from this hangout was the importance of setting myself deadlines. I have since started to do this and can tell it has enabled me to keep my momentum, journey and direction going forward. I am also continuously asking myself questions, which needs to be consistent, as does my practice of various drawing techniques.


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