Mark making drawings:

These drawings, I would say, are more inspired by Carol Heft than any other artist. Taking initial inspiration of mark making from Julie mehretu and earlier on in this project, jindra jehu, I decided to move forward with my mark making in building up a picture of the scene I was at. The outcome is more evidently inspired by Carol heft. I really enjoyed working this way and felt completely free to be able to make as many mistakes as possible: the form wasn’t so restricted so I didn’t go into panic mode about how to master a perfectly observed tree, for example. After my tutor catch up, as
I was struggling to find direction in my work, I felt more confident in drawing these landscapes and that this way of drawing was ‘ok’ to do. My tree trunk layered drawings on tracing paper was to explore different ways of representing marks of the tree trunks. It was important for me to unpick the textures and patterns of the trees to develop these marks in further drawings. This drawing was extremely time consuming and I don’t think the layers of drawings favour each other visually, but on their own I think they look quite striking due to the detail of each one.

Below is one drawing of line to visualise wind:


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