2 thoughts on “IMG_0714

  1. I love your experimental process. I am also interested in layering and wondering what other layers could be added, especially to give a more nuanced and ‘ghostly’ image. I am thinking of very thinned down GOLDEN transparency medium (with maybe one drop of golden white fluid acrylic or any other colour added very dilute). and I am experimenting with wax. Have you tried melting wax over the top? Gives a lovely finish if you then polish like crazy. I use a white candle and drip it over, then melt with my hot iron hovering on top. I am going to invest in a hot air blower though which would make the whole thing easier. Does create smoke so beware if you have a smoke alarm!


    1. Oh thank you Susan! These are all some ideas that I haven’t even considered! I do agree I need to add more but was concerned about how to do it. I think I will experiment with some of your recommendations! Thank you very much!


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