Final outcome process ideas:

What materials can I use to layer my image, to show depth and make the layers softer in the background. (Like in Mehretu’s work there seems like there’s a piece of film over the first layers.
Tracing paper?
I completed a little experiment exploring this and how I would make use of the tracing paper to show this.
Mehretu’s more colourful works create a stronger response for me, in regards to energy and movement in the drawing. I have discovered more issues to put right but also some that have given me some answers. I need to try further experiments to develop an answer of how to co-ordinate the coloured lines. I would like these lines to imitate the wind and sounds of the chosen landscape. I need to practice getting some depth into the piece with my use of marks, the smudging on the first layer needs to be erased as it makes the actual drawing unclear and harder to distinguish. I’m keen to add some block collaged shapes to the drawing. The colours that I will use need to be linked to the landscape and more natural. I wonder if this could be coloured ink which would add to
the flow of materials. I was starting to become a little concerned with how I was going to add depth and also make the first layer more subtle. This is where I decided to bring the tracing paper back into my drawing to experiment with. However when it came to completing my final piece I was aware of the quaility of the finish and reflecting on the final outcome I decided not to use tracing paper on the final drawing.

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