Collage ideas…

I really enjoyed completing collages during my experimentation and I really like the links that it has to disjointed memories and emotions. Reflecting on these ideas now that I am coming up to my final drawing I am keen to explore the possibilities of using collage in this. Initially the idea with the collage was to reflect the emotions of Loss and joy. I would tear up photographs of my chosen landscape and then piece back together the disjointed parts. This process was to mirror the idea of trying to re-live these memories but it just wasn’t quite the same. I tried a few small experiments and an a3 collaged piece, from magazine pictures, where I was creating one large fictional picture
from different smaller photographs that weren’t related to one another. I was keen to explore varied scale of natural forms within this collage, for example the spiders web was larger than a plant. I have also combined collage into previous assignments. In assignment 3 I re-visited my final drawing and used collage, inspired by Oliver Zwink, in completing this drawing. I would like to use these ideas in my drawing if possible. The reason I have not taken it forward as of yet is because I felt I had too many ideas floating around and I wanted to tackle my drawing first before adding further dimensions to the outcome.

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