Responding to assignment 4 pointers

I had a couple of things to cover for my assignment 4 feedback to be complete.

First of all I needed to re-evaluate my self portrait drawing. My tutor mentioned that she didn’t want me to re-do it (yet) but to think about what I could have done differently and how I could have planned the composition better. My drawing did not benefit my facial shape, demonstrating my structural features, due to my use of tone, mainly. I completed a mind map as my tutor suggested I go over how I could have approached it differently.


The second pointer my tutor mentioned I cover was to complete 3 ‘small prep drawings’ to consider the foreshortening of my large slouched figure. Below, are some drawings to evidence this.


I started to notice that it wasn’t just the length or size of the legs that seemed to be an issue, it was every part of the body I was measuring wrong that when I came to associate one part of the body with an another – for example, the fingers to the crotch area – the rest of the body parts didn’t link up/fit together. The more I drew the more perseverance I had to correct my mistakes and develop my drawing. I was starting to become more confident in observing and drawing. Sketching these 3 poses has really shown that I need to draw before deciding on a final pose (which I thought I knew, but I never did) and developing my ideas through drawing has really developed my understanding of how important it is.

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