Tree trunk

This drawing was inspired by one of the many walks I have been on recently and for this particular drawing I focused on the texture of the tree trunk. I wondered how I could convey this in a drawing and show my engagement of this particular object in nature. I was obviously keen to explore texture but by using lines and marks to combine my interest from my recent ideas and themes. I combined printing from parts of nature e.g. moss and also created my own marks and lines to capture the dark and lighter areas of the trunk.


Mixed media consisting of: tissue paper, ink, paint – printed with lichen moss, oil pastel, fine liner – thick tipped.

Without realising it I have drawn this tree trunk with a very relaxed, expressive mark that I feel has created energy and passion from the environment. Instead of drawing the tree trunk how it was, I have expressed myself through this drawing. I’m surprised with the outcome as its more expressive and energetic than I expected it to be. The smudging of the oil pastel created a smoother surface which isn’t what I wanted, so I will take this away with me and consider it for further drawings.

Also I wonder how to make the highlighted parts of the tree stand out without covering it in white. I like the texture of the tissue paper as it creates a 3D effect to the tree which makes you want to feel it. Could this be an idea? Interactive drawing? I need to work on tone to make the 3D parts and the more receding parts of the tree because I want to establish a real sense of ‘realness’ to the tree trunk.

I was really pleased with outcome and I honestly think I have been able to devise my own style in enhancing the texture. I think the aims of this exercise were met.

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