Exercises to assist my development

My tutor keep mentioning to work through Robert Kaupelis’s book to assist with developing my drawings. I have a similar book that I was really desperate to open, so I decided to do an exercise from this to kick start my drawing for assignment 5. The book is: ‘Drawing Projects, an exploration of the language of drawing’ by Mick Maslen and Jack Southern.

The exercise – The Extended Arm (marks into meaning)

The aim of the exercise was to break from the habitual approach to drawing. The habit of picking up a pencil to draw in the same way you do to write. The exercise was about making marks with varying amounts of control over your drawing tool. I had to use pencils on the end of 2 different lengthen sticks; one stick – 0.3m and the other 0.6m.

I found this exercise quite difficult to begin with. It was frustrating when the pencil wouldn’t do what you were telling it to do with your movements in your arms. I had no control at all so I would create lines that I really didn’t mean to do. But once I had started to relax and let the pencil ‘do its own thing’ I started to enjoy the exercise and the piece started to create an energy within itself.

I was keen to try this exercise with a landscape even though they say to have your subject as a still life or figure.

I dont think this really worked out as a landscape drawing. It was quite time consuming and I wanted to create a faster more energetic piece. I chose a plant pot, something that was still related to outdoors. I loved drawing this, as I considered the plant had a continuous line that carried all the way through the plant and which was evident in my piece. I experimented with adding colour, with oil pastel, still using the sticks and on coloured card.

It was a fun exercise to do and something that made me develop in a way to draw more gesturally and not be too precious over a drawing.

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