Initial thoughts/ideas for Assignment 5

Starting assignment 5 and trying to develop an artists statement before I start the actual coursework. I am finding this tricky to do so as I have been unable to speak to my tutor about this. however I have a few experiments I want to try out and keen to explore experimental drawing for this part. I’m going to go with the flow of the theme ‘Outdoors’ and explore the landscape. In opposite to assignment 3 I would like to explore the organic and rural.

Before I start work the course materials asks us to think about some points, please see below:

  • Subject – gestural line in landscapes. Like Mehretu, keeping a strong correlation of key ideas in drawing such as perspective
  • Format – landscape – rural/organic
  • Support – thinking of doing some land art but keep a real strong focus on with actually drawing to continue learning about both representational and gestural. Which I will explore alongside when doing my temporary drawings
  • Medium – mixed and experimental
  • Line and tone – my focus will be on line but tone might come into this
  • Composition – definitely experimental
  • Story? – creating a mood in my piece? adding movement and energy into the piece?
  • Abstract – but demonstrating the skills and techniques I have developed along the way – inspiration Mehretu, very inspired by Zwink’s work and link to sculpture which i’m keen to explore
  • Light – natural
  • Size – negotiate with tutor

I loved researchingJohn Virtue’s walks and sketchbook works of how he would draw.

I always wanted to be bold and create large gestures but I think my more successful drawings have been with more intricate lines. Maybe I could us those bold gestures and combine shape and colour. Artist Heather Day – I like her mark making and colour – what materials could I use to demonstrate line

Textured surfaces to draw on? Collaged surfaces – get adventure magazines.

Draw a new scene everyday for a week?

I think i’m going to need to start this assignment before I write up my plan because I’m not sure what my focus will be yet, especially without my tutor’s guidance until the 25th August.


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