Assignment 4

Figure 1.


Figure 2.


Figure 3.


Assignment 4 reflection on assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I have explored my technical and visual skills using a wide range of materials such as; oil pastel, acrylic paint, ink, watercolour, pencil, charcoal, spray paint, felt tip pen and biro. For this assignment I was keen to explore a multi-media approach and was aware of bringing colour into my drawings. I wanted to carry through themes of layering and transparency as much as possible but also to be able to show my growing confidence and the improvement in my drawing skills. Inspired by many artists that work with line and gestural marks, I was keen to develop these ideas and also evidence my understanding of them in my assignment pieces. I used lots of repetitive continuous lines for the first drawing, mainly inspired by Giacometti. I was also able to incorporate the idea of transparency working with drawings on tracing paper. I went on to find further artists to inspire my tonal drawing, to which I found Frank Auberach and Anita Taylor. I wanted to stick to my use of ‘rough’ line drawings but obviously include a lot more dramatic tone. I have been able to demonstrate visual awareness with my understanding of particular angles for perspective and proportion of the figure. I think my compositional skills have improved considerably and I have been taking my time to think about the position of the figure on the page. I challenged myself by drawing the figure from difficult angles and demonstrating correct proportions. For my self portrait drawing I really thought about the positioning of my face on the page and what I was going to do with the negative space that was ‘left over’. I took inspiration from Anita Taylor’s portrait to inform my self portrait drawing, which included aspects of both tone and line. My drawings have included various technique that I have covered throughout part 4 including; movement, the artists’ (me) physical presence, layering both separate drawings and line.

Quality of outcome

After noting that my tutor felt some of my development work was better than my final outcome I  wanted to make sure that these pieces looked that I had put more effort into planning my final assignment piece and to combine aspects of the coursework but not put too much into the final piece. I believe that all my work has been presented in a coherent manner and is easy – with the aid of my journal – to follow my development process as I have worked through part 4. My understanding of technical knowledge of drawing has improved immensely and I think that I have demonstrated that as much as possible in my drawings. However, I do feel that in my first drawing there could be some improvement in the figure’s face. The eyes are too large, as they need to be the size of 5 eyes across. In addition to this, the jaw line needs to be more prominent. I feel I need to centre the angle of the jaw line, so it gives off a more chiselled appearance, similar to the work of Giacometti. I find that my sketchbooks are not very inspiring from a viewers point of view which is a shame but I find because I work on individual sheets and then stick them in there isn’t much of a ‘flow’ with my sketchbook as I would like there to be. This is something that I aim to improve on for part 5.

Demonstration of creativity

I have tried to be as experimental as possible with an emphasis on understanding gestural drawing and ways of working but at the same time demonstrating what I have learnt and developed in drawing skills. For my first drawing I have added my own personal voice by layering line and including transparency with cellophane and tracing paper with further line drawings to create a sense of movement in the piece. Dee Berridge’s life drawing has influenced ideas of layering and individual drawings (please see written journal). The layered lines evoke emotions within, and working in this fast paced manner there is a subconscious application in the lines I create. The top layer (cellophane) is a traced image of the model that has been flipped so the legs are on the opposite side, again involving a sense of rhythm and movement in my piece. I have used this assignment as an opportunity to combine both my developing technical skills and my gestural marks. I feel that my personal voice is not very consistent as I find it hard to develop my own interests and desires with the exercise instructions, so I am looking forward to part 5 to explore gestural marks and abstract drawing further. I feel I have extended my experimentation introducing colour and other media such as oil pastel and paint, which I found very exciting and enjoyable as these created a different texture that hadn’t been evident in my work so far.


I continually used my journal to reflect on each exercise or drawing about what was working and what wasn’t. I found that I particularly demonstrated this when tackling my first drawing for the assignment. I found that I had misinterpreted the instructions and decided to ‘re-do’ my first drawing which I was really pleased with as I felt that the ‘new’ drawing encompassed a lot more of my development work and ideas. From feedback on other assignments my tutor had noted that I needed to be more concise when researching artists and be more analytical rather than ‘ramble on’. I made a countless effort to be more analytical in breaking down artists drawings and compare them against other artists. I also found it very useful looking at new artists when it came to completing my assignment pieces. This almost re-enforced what I was hoping to include in my drawing. I have used my written journal more extensively than my online blog as I find this a better way to express my ideas. I need to consider further debates between artists work and the connection they have with my own practice.

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