Start of part 4 – Project 1: Fabric and form. Exercise 1 and 2

So today I started part four. I am super apprehensive and anxious about moving to figure drawing but I am keeping an open mind. I have now completed the first two exercises. I enjoyed focusing on line when drawing the fabric and it felt very relaxed as i didn’t need to concentrate on a strict form. I found adding tone slightly more tricky as I had to concentrate more on the folds and sections of fabric. For the smaller, ‘zoomed’ in sections of fabric I wanted to explore with different media so I used, ink, charcoal, biro and pencil. Some media worked better than others. The ink looked quite rigid but perhaps it would work better on a larger scale to create more ‘flow’ in the fabric.

The second exercise was tricky. I drew the first image with pencil and then decided to layer with another type of media, ink. Firstly I feel my use of line much too heavy for the drawing and feel that i should be more delicate. I spoke to a fellow class mate and she found that the head was too small which was something I agreed with but I also had a lot of fabric around the chest area, something I hadn’t noticed. I decided to do a second drawing to work more on the form of the figure underneath the fabric/dressing gown. I focused on getting the angle of the right shoulder and less fabric around the chest area, intricately observing the amount of fabric sitting in the middle of the model. Also rather than adding details of the face and hands I left this out and worked on getting the proportions correct.

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