Wednesday 24th May

25 drawings – blue prints to go along with the main drawing – the blue prints don’t seem to have a top or bottom to, they are simply marks and lines that have been layered so much they become an abstract scene of perspective.

I am concerned I do not have enough varied lines/mark making. I think if i just keep adding layers it will just be the same but more muddled which although I’m trying to create that sort of feeling in the piece I am not exploring the mark making and giving the viewer an differentiation between the individual drawings and then the piece as a whole – so after referring back to Julie Mehretu after being finished but not finished a light bulb was turned on and I had finally had my final idea

Wanting to explore/engage the opposite of what are building is – rigid – i wanted to smooth engage with the movement of marks and relate that to my city/townscape.

Exploring movement in the drawing would then cause a juxtaposition of a motionless building with movement in my line drawings

So my instruction to myself was GO BACK and…..

draw finer lines and explore fluidity in that way in-between the buildings of the city. as I had this thought I looked back at an image of Merhetu’s work and noticed that all her smaller mark making, the dots, the finer marks, the delicate circles were all integrated ‘between’ parts of buildings – well thats how I saw it – which gave me the idea that maybe by adding these smaller finer, more fluid marks capture the movement and the bustling of city whilst they are being contrasted to the rigidity of the architecture that is the city. the movement is captured in these smaller marks and lins.

I’ve also noticed that she really creates a sense of the depth – she also has a ‘back’ to her piece as if it was a 3d drawing, so maybe I can try and enhance my drawing the same way by connecting the finer lines and capturing the movement in my drawing!!!!!!!

So i returned to my drawing and then had another light bulb moment –

maybe the fluid marks and movement that i will be adding to the piece can relate to my idea of the juxtaposition between rural and urban, organic and manmade. the marks that I make will be that of organic matter but also simple marks that will grasp the feeling of movements in a busy city centre. movements of people, the wind, the cars, sounds everything that makes a city, a city. (i am thinking this will relate to the very first exercises i did, linked to emotion). This is a perfect link as I really wanted to use the juxtaposition between the two. So putting my drawing on hold, I will gather some visual information – photographs and sketches – to then use in my assignment piece. I may experiment with frottage and then i could sketch the smaller detail – as i was really enclosing on a particular part of a plant or flower and then use those patterns in my drawing.

Forttage and sketches in sketchbook

Figure 1. Powell, A. (2017) Tree Trunk [photograph] In: possession of: Powell, A: Sydenham.

Figure 2. Powell, A. (2017) Tree Trunk 2 [photograph] In: possession of: Powell, A: Sydenham.

Figure 3. Powell, A. (2017) Leaf [photograph] In: possession of: Powell, A: Sydenham.

Figure 4. Powell, A. (2017) Leaf 2 [photograph] In: possession of: Powell, A: Sydenham.

Figure 5. Powell, A. (2017) Leaf 3 [photograph] In: possession of: Powell, A: Sydenham.

Figure 6. Powell, A. (2017) Leaf 4 [photograph] In: possession of: Powell, A: Sydenham.

Figure 7. Powell, A. (2017) Leaf 5 [photograph] In: possession of: Powell, A: Sydenham.

Figure 8. Powell, A. (2017) Rose [photograph] In: possession of: Powell, A: Sydenham.

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