Saturday 13th May – Giacometti Exhibition

During the weekend I decided it was time to make an art friend. I posted a message on the OCA email/ forum a few weeks back to see if any students wanted to view the Giacometti Exhibition. After receiving a few responses I created a Facebook mail group so we could all connect more easily. After exchanging some messages, a day was arranged for an art student and I to meet up and attend the exhibition at Tate Modern together. Dominique was the lady that I met and we got on incredibly well – we seemed to have so much in common and talked about art all day. We also discovered that sadly both our Dad’s had passed away from the same illness at the same age. Since that day we have not stopped talking about our worries and concerns as well as bouncing ideas off one another. We have also been sharing personal experiences and it has been absolutely amazing to find such a lovely person that I am able to share my passion (art).

Giacometti inspired us both and it was a great exhibition.


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