Assignment 3 final piece reflection

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I have written a lot about my technical skills in my journal throughout this part of the course and the majority of the time discussed my disappointment with them. However, I finally felt that towards the end of this part I was successfully drawing technically and comparing what I was putting down on paper to what I was seeing in observation. During the latter exercises I was able to really get to grips with angles of buildings and this started to show more patience when I was drawing but also my improvement my technical skills. After being shown how to look for and record angles, I was then able to put them to paper successfully. In turn my visual awareness started to improve. I believe that this was mainly from attending the life drawing classes that helped me so much in seeing the comparison between one limb from another. I felt then I had developed transferable skills that I could use when drawing buildings, townscapes – observing the relationship between buildings from one another, the windows, the roofs etc. I honestly feel that my compositional skills are improving but I still have a long way to go in regards to a ‘traditional’ composition. However my work has been majorly influence by Julie Mehretu who’s work is based on layering and movement. This is something that I have focused on rather than a basic compositional approach. Despite the layering and movement in a piece I have still had to think about the position of each building, especially during the assignment piece as I have had to think about perspective and angles of buildings to demonstrate my understanding of composition.

Quality of outcome

As in assignment 2 I love developing my work and have started to get a feel for how the exercises work. I have been able to develop a theme throughout the exercises on this part of the course to then carry through with me for the assignment piece. My extensive artist research broadened my knowledge and content to develop my assignment piece effectively to reflect the preliminary work I had completed with the exercises. I felt that the overall quality of outcome was successful although I feel that I could have ‘polished’ the piece off with extra care taken over the marks made, though saying that I feel a lot of my work has been expressive and I wanted to convey a sense of movement, wether I could have done this in another way i’m not sure. The overall presentation I felt was carefully planned. I didn’t just want to draw on an A2 piece of paper I wanted to incorporate the surface with the idea of the piece, which I feel I creatively managed to do. In regards to my one point perspective (which was the initial idea for the piece) I think was absent and overlooked as I feel I was more focused on developing the layers and angles of the piece. I wanted the viewer to view the middle part of the drawing square on which would display depth in the piece with the angles moving into the centre point. This was lost, I feel, due to the amount of layers, but that doesn’t mean to say I don’t think the layers work – I’m quite pleased with the effect I was able to create.

Demonstration of creativity

I developed my creativity as far as time would allow me, unfortunately that wasn’t enough time. I am now planning to go for the November assessment and I am on a strict time scale. This slightly dampened the amount of imagination I could demonstrate however I feel that I have presented my creativity quite satisfyingly. I feel that at moments during the exercises I was losing a personal voice but I remember after my assignment 2 feedback that I was advised to use the exercises as a guidance (as I was struggling with the jump from exercise to excise with no link between to develop ideas). I think that I have been able to display a personal voice much more so during this assignment piece and develop my interests and successes. Selecting the exercises that I enjoyed and the ones I was successful with, combined with artist that I feel truly inspired me I was able to come to a conclusion about which aspects I wanted to include for my assignment piece. During the assignment I also decided to video elements of the piece to show how, as I was drawing, the movement I was creating and also to show the scale of the piece. I found that returning to my sketchbook during the assignment drawing helped me formulate my ideas and thoughts, when I was stuck. Also with the use of my journal and sketchbook I have been able to demonstrate the creative journey that I have taken through the exercises and assignment piece – showing each stage of my thoughts.


I completed extensive reflective thinking throughout the exercises (more so in the latter ones) and during the assignment piece. This became an important process for me as I was able to see what was working and what needed further development. Using my journal enabled me to act on these thoughts and feelings about the piece, with times returning to my artist research and ideas of my own. I was able to select the research that interested me but also artists that would help me develop my own creative ideas to enable me to implement what I had planned to do. I completed considerable amount of artist research which ALL developed my ideas, whether it was ‘I don’t want that in my piece’ or ‘that is exactly how I would like for people to see my work’.

Overall I am really pleased with my piece but I unfortunately wish I had time as I feel that I could add more layers and explore further with transparency – maybe this is something I could work with for the next part of the course. I spent 9 hours on this assignment piece.
On one more further note – I think that my piece is missing colour. I have just gone through all my work to package up to send off and its missing parts of colour and almost, excitement! But I think my assignment piece brings that?!?!?! On reflection I think it would have been nice to add colour into the blocked out shapes.

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