Life Drawing – Monday 15/5/17

I have returned from life drawing feeling both inspired and deflated. I am knackered but my head is also full of STUFF! Ideas, sadness, frustration, willingness to draw more, wanting to keep drawing until I actually create a drawing i’m happy with. If I take a moment to think, I have improved my drawing so much. But in the way of drawing from life in 3 dimensional is a different story. Obviously for still life/and interior I drew from lie but a lot of my architectural drawings and landscapes have been from photographs and my tutor today at life drawing, made an emphasis to me to actually GO OUT and draw. A photograph is already 2D so it is easier to draw. I text Dominique to say can we have a drawing day soon to draw from life – statues/buildings/landscape anything. I know the course has been saying to go out and draw but I just haven’t felt confident enough to do it and now I have a friend to do it with! The tutor – Miriam – told me to have a look at Giacometti’s drawings and try to draw more technically – by that I mean draw with straight lines and not curves to get the figure roughly and then add the curves/movement of the joints etc. Think of shapes and straight lines to situate the figure on the page and the angles of the body. Another thing she said was to try and explore drawing with tone – which is something I did for one of my statue drawings.

I really REALLY want to practice my life drawing skills angered my coursework but I just really struggle yo find time. I have a few books on drawing which I’m going to have a read up on whilst on the train to and from work. The parts I will be reading are anatomy/life drawing/technical/architectural etc. I want to learn more and SO want to understand more about drawing – something which I never thought i’d say! my head feels really all over the place with what to do next.

In response to the drawings I produced during the class I was not happy with it at all. I sat down and she said the words I was not ready to hear ‘today we’ll be doing one pose all night’ – my worst nightmare. I panic in the light of doing a drawing for longer than an hour, especially life drawing. But I was ready to take on the challenge. The first mistake was measuring out the proportion of the body. I made the head on my drawing far too large which completely put me off for the rest of the drawing. I was getting frustrated as I was measuring the figure in proportion to my page but I just kept getting it wrong, I could associated the elbow to the chin, the chin to the shoulder, the inside of the elbow to the outside, the angle of the arm, the angle of the stomach to the other elbow, the angle of the face to the shoulder and more! This is how my head feels when I tackle a life drawing and I find it all too much at once. I think this is when my tutor mentioned about not being too delicate about the proportions and mapping in tone to suggest the parts of the figure. The last session I had with her she taught me how to measure with my pencil when doing observational drawings. However today she mentioned that I shouldn’t just rely on that – I should trust what I see in relation to other parts of the body.

In the last 5 minutes of the session I decided to do a quick charcoal drawing – which isn’t great but I feel after a long study of the figure (in the same pose) I was able to be more confident in the angles and proportions, slightly.

4 thoughts on “Life Drawing – Monday 15/5/17

  1. rogersidney says:

    Artists never produce a perfect drawing that they are happy with – thats how they learn and keep going forward!!


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