10/5/17 – Exercise 4 – Statues

I’m super pleased with this drawing. Gutted about his hands – quite obvious that I need to practice this. I really concentrated on shading the cloak right – continuing to explore and grasp directional shading. I did the face second to last (before the hands) and I was annoyed that I somehow managed to shade the face in a completely different style to the cloak. I think because it is a lot more delicate and such an important part to the figure I was apprehensive in ruining it, working to hard to quickly. I managed to build on the tone and features of the face to which it then finally harmonised with the rest of the drawing. However, saying that I really like the way I approached shading and it reminds me of the type of marks of Giacometti (who’s exhibition I’m seeing this weekend with another OCA student).

I wanted to demonstrate and keep demonstrating how my technical drawing skills have improved but also want to keep experimenting and exploring with drawing. I will/want to complete at least one more drawing – focusing on the figure (not a cloak). I have taken aspects of the instructions in the exercise to then complete some drawings in that style.
focus on negative shapes
silhouette for basic outline shape
think of various angles
draw simply with tone and not line at all
So I need to draw one of these this weekend. This week I have also completed a mind map of ideas for my final assignment piece so I’m hoping to start that this weekend.
draw another statue – using one with ink
start assignment piece
update blog with recent journal entries.

Sunday 14/5/17

So I started my second statue drawing today. I approached the drawing by marking in the black/darkest parts of the statue and creating a form of the statue simply by using tone. It started out well and I began with ink.
However at the weekend I had gone to the Giacometti exhibition and the Tate Modern Bankside Gallery again. At the Bankside Gallery there was an artist who was there to talk about her work. She had sketchbooks along with etchings and other works. We chatted for a while and I asked her a few questions. Her subject matter is mainly trees but she also completes landscapes drawings. A lot of her sketches were mainly silhouettes. It looked like they had been done in charcoal but she said she completes them in oil pastel to get mainly a really strong black.
Going back to the exercise drawing I thought that maybe using oil pastel would be a good choice for me to get a striking black tone. So after I had completed the drawing in black ink, I then decided to experiment with oil pastel. I was so keen to not use line and simply use tone but my form and proportion of the figure was completely off, I could especially not get the face right – which was really annoying me. At the Giacometti exhibition I noticed a lot of his drawings were full of mad lines and marks filling the entire figure. I tried and tried to re-draw the figure to get the correct proportions – which ended up being similar to Giacometti’s style – but it was no good. So I decided o draw in pencil first to manage the proportions of the figure/statue appropriately. I was so glad I did this and gave it another go. I then covered any traces of ‘lines’ and simply worked with tone, using black and white oil pastel. It was interesting to see the comparison between the two drawings. But also how I can now feel confident to improve my drawings, and I can see how I am improving and I’m so pleased I can now realise what to look out for when observing and relating that to my drawing action.


Figure 1. Powell, A. (2017) Gandhi Statue [Photograph] In: Possession of: Powell, A: London

Figure 2. Powell, A. (2017) Statue 2 [Photograph] In: Possession of: Powell, A: London

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