7/5/17 – Exercise 3: a limited palette study

I have tried to vary scale by adding extra drawings. I think the drawing has a sense of humour associated with it – something I wasn’t planning on doing – but this was something my tutor picked up on with my assignment 2 piece. I’m a bit disappointed it doesn’t look very good – perhaps I need more layers? Think I might experiment with this idea to take the drawing further and I will be linking current ideas and themes for my work in this part of the unit.


Maybe have something going on in the foreground and background? But I have realised that I cant really draw over what I have done now (as I put much too pressure on the colours when drawing) – maybe I can add the foreground & background with layers of tracing paper?

I also realised that the larger images/drawings need to be in the foreground and smaller in the background, which means I cant layer anything in front of what i’ve already done as its too big! So I decided to add extra paper to my sketchbook to create space for background drawings.


So I added the layered images after colouring the main drawings. I think my understanding of using coloured pencils has widened – if I’ve learnt nothing else from this exercise. Which I suppose was kind of the point. I learnt how to layer the colours but also how to create tone and depth in the drawing. I was quite pleased with a lot of the smaller images in relation to my colour understanding.

I added in shades of normal HB pencil to create darker tones – which I know is adding in an extra colour..?!?!

I’ve added all the extra drawings now. I’m still not pleased with it but I feel like I could carry on forever and still not be happy – I think I need to move on now.


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