Week commencing 10th April

This week I went to Devon on a mini break. I was concerned about creating some art work during this break as it was some time off work for me to be able to get some art work done. I managed to complete 2 drawings and took some photographs to help me for townscape drawings that I knew were coming up. I also composed some temporary drawings on the beach – this was something I really enjoyed at the beginning of the course and on this day I didn’t have my sketchbook with me so I improvised.

I completed this drawing whilst we visited a place called ‘Plant World’. The place was full of plants from all around the world. I picked a view that ha an interesting tree and bush in the foreground with a hedge and then views of the hills and small villages in the background. I really tried to concentrate on making marks with my charcoal pencils which were light, medium and dark. I was really pleased with the marks and lines I was able to create to form the shape of each part of the plant that I could see. I really enjoyed building up the marks and creating tone and depth in that way. The main thing I was most pleased about was that I was actually drawing from life and not a photograph.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Below is the second drawing I completed. I wanted to try something a bit different so I used a black piece of paper instead of always using white. I also bought some drawing tools that were similar to wax crayons but much hardier. This drawing was inspired but a really beautiful day at a place called ‘Becky Falls’. This was a waterfall which we followed down as we walked by the stream. This view particularly inspired me as I thought it would be a good practice/improvement in my skills for mastering perspective. I was really pleased with the final outcome and I actually put it up on social media and Nicholas Herbert ‘liked’ it!!!! I was pleased with how I was able to get the trees well angled for the piece. However I found it difficult to be able to show the flow of water and not sure if this is very clear in the drawing. I really liked working on black paper and it was a different style f drawing that I have been doing.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Figure 1. Powell, A. (2017) Stones [photograph] In: Possession of: Powell, A: Devon

Figure 2. Powell, A (2017) Line of Stones [photograph] In: Possession of: Powell, A: Devon

Figure 3. Powell, A (2017) Close up [photograph] In: Possession of: Powell, A: Devon

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