Practicing measuring whilst drawing

I’ve been drawing still life set ups to practice the relationship of space between objects and lines in relation to each other, and also correctly capturing the size and shape of the  objects against one another. This was brought up in my first life drawing session that I had where I was advised to take my time in measuring  out parts of the body to ensure the correct perspective is reflected in the drawing, as opposed to rushing in to expressive drawing. Once I have learnt the basic skills then I can draw with more expressive techniques. I feel that I have come a long way on this course and every time I draw I am constantly asking myself is that object or otherwise in relation to that line, are they the same height, do they have the same perspective? All of these things I wouldn’t have questioned about the process of my drawings before and even though I may still not be the perfect artist when it comes to drawing, by the end of the course I have still learnt and will carry these skills to continuously question when drawing.

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