Monday 24th April

I have just returned from my first life drawing class. I have done life drawing before but not in a very long time. At this stage the course asks you look into life drawing so I signed  myself up to a course, which I found in incredibly challenging. I cried once I got home from pure failure in myself. I have no skill in drawing from an observation perspective and I just felt so stupid and unskilled. How can I be doing an Art degree and not be able to draw? I couldn’t draw from simple observation let alone the angles and perspectives of the figure. Following my complete heartache in this matter I have decided to take a break from the exercises in the course. I have some ideas flowing and ready to go for my current development with townscapes but tonight really made me reflect on my drawing skills. I am so dis-hearted and disappointed that I wasn’t able to complete any of the poses tonight with confidence. I have stuck with it and now decided to focus on really trying to concentrate on observation. Not necessarily being creative or ticking any boxes or developing any ideas (that I normally get caught up in) or linking ideas and artists – just pure, simple observational drawing. I will set myself the challenge of completing an observational drawing everyday for the next two weeks. I want to be able to draw!! I don’t really want to pause studies but I want to master drawing more, which is something I never thought I would say.

2 thoughts on “Monday 24th April

  1. Hi Alice – I just started following your learning log and this was the first post I came across. So I wanted to tell you that I had a look through your blog and I really really enjoyed your work – full of life, enthusiasm, originality. Especially lovely line drawings (bathroom!) which I liked a lot. So please stick at the life drawing – probably the toughest thing to draw! I started a regular life class 5 months ago and when I look back at my early attempts now they make me want to cry (but with laughter). You will improve fast, just keep at it. Good Luck!


    1. Hey! Aw thank you so much. That’s really made me feel so much better. I’m updating my blog at the moment so having a rush of posts haha. Thank you for your encouragement!


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