Completed A2 drawing

So I have now completed my A2 drawing. I wanted this piece to show perspective and the views of London city. I wasn’t sure what media to complete the piece in however I attempted it with various fine liner pens, some with a thicker tip, some thinner. I enjoyed experimenting with these tools as I hadn’t done a study with just using pen. I started with the outline of the buildings. Before I went further I asked my partner to see what he thought so far. He mentioned that not many buildings looked 3D. This was the next step to do before I added in any more detail. In my mind I had the idea that the more detailed and heavier tonal contrasts would be in the foreground and less so, further back in the drawing. I spent a long time, and more patient than usual, to add in more detailed marks to distinguish various buildings. Over all I was really pleased with what I had been able to complete. I felt that the building and bridge in the foreground really picked up on the tone detail.

The final step/decision I had to make was the river. How was I going to draw water with such a fine tool? I decided that I would try charcoal and attempt to draw with the charcoal like I had for the cloud drawings, earlier in the unit. I had spent so much time on the drawing I didn’t want to ruin it. So I took a photograph of the drawing and printed out various duplicates to experiment with various media for the river. I enjoyed using the charcoal however I felt it was too ‘heavy’ for the fine detail of the rest of the drawing. I then tried ink with water but again the marks were too harsh and dark. I tried again with just finaliser which didn’t add anything to the drawing, it was just random lines.

Finally I experimented with the new drawing tool which I had bought in Devon – a tough wax crayon. I used it on its side to create a muffled, subtle effect. I felt that this worked the best. It added texture to the piece but was also not dominating or too dark for the finer detail of the buildings. I really enjoyed taking time in drawing this and I think the length of time I took is evident. (well I hope it is).

(NB see journal/sketchbook for other experiments).

So, after all those experiments and travels to Devon I hadn’t actually ticked off anymore exercise for the course. Now the journal is up to date, I will begin the next exercise!!!!

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