Back in London – Visit to Tate Modern and Tate Modern Bankside Gallery

I always find the Tate Modern inspiring however this time I felt it lacked its full potential, or maybe I couldn’t connect with a lot of the pieces in there. I found that since completing this drawing unit, it has really opened my eyes to other art works and how to see drawing as not simply a traditional art method and it has its own possibilities. I always discarded it as I found it difficult to do but this course has really changed my perspective on drawing.

I did however find the Bankside Gallery much more riveting and was more optimistic about the possibility of ideas and it gave me.

Arthur Lockwood – A Painter paints a painter

David Paskett – ‘Boxed Out’ – Mixed media, card, paper and paint. I liked this work and the possibility to combine the 3D/sculpture aspect i’m interested in and the idea of townscapes. (note – no photography allowed)

At the Tate Modern one (out of all the works) stuck with me. Maryann Rechmaoui, Movement for the living 2001-8. This is an artist that I would like to explore further and may come in useful for when I come to do my sculpture unit.

Rechmaoui, M. (2001-8) Monument for the Living [concrete and Wood] At: London: Tate Modern.

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