Side note thoughts…

I’ve been having some time to reflect on what has been successful so fa in this part of the course.

I really enjoyed drawing the cloud formations and I think this is because it felt like it didn’t have to look like anything in particular. There was no form to subject and I enjoyed using movement and mark making. This then followed through onto to my sketchbook walk which was a combination of both buildings and the organic world.

Other thoughts that I have been having on a side note that has been a continuous thought is exploring ‘movement’. I am keen to explore this wether it co-insides with my current work or not. I would like it to eventually circle round and be able to use it within this unit. I would like to explore movement within mark making in my work but also the physicality of movement.

Also keen to explore the idea of metaphorical meaning and layering in my work.

I am also going to buy a concertina sketchbook to explore the idea of a town scape and individual drawings being put together – use all aspects i have developed so far: include, movement, cloud formation, line drawing, tone etc etc

Also I had a thought about drawing a large scale drawing of cloud formations and then projecting onto it townscapes and so on..

notes from notebook

On a side note:

something that i’ve related a lot of my development and research to is about ‘movement’

  • physically and
  • suggestively in my work through marks and lines

I have been reading a new art book (considered essential reading from the course) called ‘drawing now’. I really agree and connect to what I have been reading so far and I am eager to explore the subjective in drawing. Until this course I was always scared of drawing – from school I know I was never the ‘best’ drawer or my drawings never demonstrated the objective but this book questions that and I am finally starting to enjoy the qualities and possibilities of drawing without having to put any restriction on it or on myself. Being able to challenge the idea of drawing and what drawing is and really, totally getting involved in this whole idea of contemporary art.

I am desperate to explore movement so I will be exploring this alongside my townscape drawings and taking the influences of artist I have looked at so far, especially Julie Mehretu and Luinda Rogers and for movement – John Virtue.

Also a lot of the artist I have come across ‘immerse’ themselves in their subject matter – I need to do this and get out of the studio!

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