Focusing on ideas that are ‘niggling’ away at me before moving on…(i decided to do some extra drawings, one with movement and one to try and focuss on getting a good view of perspective into a drawing).

Movement drawing:

  • I’m going for movement on this piece and the whole idea of ‘embracing’ mistakes – it’s abut the journey you take in your drawing (I must admit that this idea for this drawing was inspired by thoughts I had from reading ‘drawing now’). Working from a photograph of a cityscape of London. I wanted to work large scale to push the boundaries of movement.
  • I feel much less under pressure to perfect the drawing. I’m enjoying it a lot more as I can feel myself in the drawing, whether that’s to do with scale and the physical movement I am putting into the piece, I’m not sure. Although I am being more expressive I am keeping in mind (as I feel I would have not done previously in an expressive drawing) the perspective and scale of buildings. I am trying to fill in the background as well. Working with the idea of not rubbing out mistakes but working over and layering marks to create the lines that are correct.
  • Movement – drawing as your arm/hand travels through the piece.
  • The drawing has taken 1 hour so far. I would like to finish it but I am running out of time so I will take what I have from this experience and move on – and may return to the ideas for my assignment piece.



A2 Drawing of cityscape:

– Another go at perspective and cityscape, again unfortunately working from a photograph but hoping to get the perspective slightly better. Going to complete the drawing with mixed media, most likely charcoal and fine liner. This piece is not complete but hoping to work into it slightly more before moving on. I will continue to reflect in my journal.



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