Artist Research

John Virtue – Landscapes:

  • movement
  • tone
  • abstract
  • atmospheric
  • he draws on the ground – he draws with a few roofs in London
  • suggestive of shapes using tone – reflection/shadows
  • cityscape
  • creates perspective using tone and the effect of line he uses
  • ‘moves’ with his materials
  • ‘walking’ is his practice thats how he formulates ideas and drawings
  • ‘not interested in recording a history of London (with his picture making) I am interested in making exciting abstractions of what i perceive’
  • black and white
  • large scale
  • he’s famous for his work being very much linked to Constable and Turner
  • figurative – emotive

influenced by American abstract expressionists – franz kline and robert motherwell

relate to Constable and Turner as he ‘admires’ them – influence by them?

Virtue’s ‘skies’ represent a presence of Constable and Turner (National Gallery, 2005)

Julie Mehretu – landscape Allegories (2004)

her work is about layers: the physical layering of images, marks and medium, Juxtaposed with the metaphorical layering of time space, place and history


  • maze
  • godly
  • mystical
  • basic shapes for the first layer and then organic material on top?
  • maps
  • mark making
  • heavy with lines
  • sense of perspective? but perspective that is a mess?

Mehretu brings in 21st century city for inspiration – transferring its angry into her gestural sweeps of paint, ink and pencil. her drawings are often transposed from a projection which I have – maybe do a trace from a photograph and then I can ‘blow it up’ on the projector?!

  • does this defeat the object of drawing – although perhaps I could layer objects onto the projector making the various lines on top of the drawing
  • ‘infinite urban narratives, architectural views & street plans into single compositions’ – so does she combine various drawings together – something which I did in assignment 2

Sounds like exactly how I considered my work for assignment 2 – something I wanted to explore further so I think I should take the opportunity to do so… – do all the things I said i;m going to do, like my tutor said to make sure I do do these experiments. BUT how can i make mine different…

everything that she draw’s is honest, small & literal mark making.

  • from a distance some images in her work look like buildings/tower blocks but on close inspection they are carefully coated marks that she has planned & drawn together.
  • untitled (two) 1996 – ink & acrylic on canvas. Museum Dhondt – dhaenens

Leave perspective lines in? – something I quite liked the effect of in my drawings – why prep.. can’t I leave them in?!?! I get this effect from mehretu. (Artsy, 2017)

Landscape art? – land art?

Alan Baker – looks at perspective in a different way (out of town edit suites)

Lucinda Rogers

Seen as a visual reporter. She immerses herself in an environment and records straight from eye to paper which gives her drawings a sense of spontaneity. Her work records details and views of the changing city she lives in. She works in London and has worked in new york which she loves. (Rogers, L, 2015)

Her sketchbook drawings are very simple and I think her focus is on line whether that is subconsciously or not and is perhaps just her style of working.

  • very similar to how I have been working
  • simple
  • similar to julie mehretu – very similar to how I have been working with layering images
  • various types of lines – thick, thin, wobbly, straight
  • different tools/materials used – strong idea/theme in the back of my mind of drawing a scene without drawing it exact
  • all her drawings are completed entirely onsite
  • after her degrees she was started to be sent places to draw and report back to the company (Rogers, L, 2015)

Anton Barnard: Born south africa, studied architecture. now lives in germany. (Saatchi Art, 2017)

  • not a representation of ‘actual’ building but a vision of how an architect thinks about buildings before they are even built.
  • his cityscapes are visions for a city – not utopian but human & flawed
  • hid painting & compositional techniques are tied in with drawing & draughting techniques that are integral his work as an architect
  • like the sense of illusion in his work – i see a sense of illusions & i like it
  • he blends cubism, surrealism & abstract expressionism – very ‘shape’ heavy – from architectural background (Barnard 1990)


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