Aerial Perspective

The first drawing I competed for this was again approached quite simply. I drew the outline of buildings and then added tone using fine liner and various mark making techniques. I don’t feel like I ‘pushed’ the potential of experimentation in this piece.


My second drawing was of the same scene, which was a shame as I hoped to be slightly more creative but had not had chance to find other images (as I was working from photographs). However I was keen to explore other media and returned to using charcoal as I hadn’t used this in a while. I really enjoyed using charcoal when drawing the cloud formations and I felt I had developed new understanding of using charcoal.


I felt that the charcoal was not completely successful. I used the charcoal with heavier pressure for the front buildings (in the foreground) and, in my head, I had planned to reduce the pressure of the charcoal for the mid-ground and background. However when it came to drawing the widows they seem to become darker than I had planned – I started to use my finger to soften the tone although this then caused the form to become blurred, which on reflection would have worked for the effect I was going for, but from the photograph I was studying the window looked quite clear which I then worked on top of and in turn created a darker tone which led to it becoming clear and the essence of it in the background was lost. On reflection I think maybe working on-site would be a good option to explore. I will take this forward for the next part of the course.

Next steps:

  • explore what I said I wanted to do with the projector
  • trace photograph on acetate
  • trace more than 1
  • project it and layer on other images – onto large scale
  • once its done – then add in clouds and charcoal
  • I think I also need to master perspective so I think I would benefit from returning to this – and this time draw from observation not photographs – wether its smaller drawings I think I need to concentrate on doing this
  • on a side note – drawing with movement

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