Angular perspective

I really struggled with angular perspective and it took a while to get to grips with it – whether I even ‘got it’ is the question… The following drawings are attempt at mastering ‘Angular Perspective’!!!!

My understanding for this exercise is to draw with a ruler using predominantly line. I am going to start off as simple as possible.

I decided/felt I needed to draw in some perspective lines to help me draw for this exercise. I am working from photographs and wonder if this is a disadvantage and whether it is much  different to drawing from the building itself.

I’m attempting to draw with straight lines only and to not add in curved lines to simplify the task for myself, to simplify the forms and shapes.

I felt very overwhelmed with this exercise so I decided to google ‘angular perspective’. I found that this type of perspective was actually different to the image in the course material and I think that’s what confused me. Once I had visually seen some examples on the internet I understood the exercise a little better, so I returned to my drawing.

After researching further (after getting stuck again) I decided to draw a replica of an image I had seen on the internet which harnessed my understanding. After this I decided to work from simplified images of buildings to grasp the task at hand.

Overall, I found this task really difficult and I don’t think I was truly able to understand this. I think I would benefit from returning to this part of the course but I am eager to move on. I am hoping that the next exercise, using tone will support my understanding of perspective and distance in a drawing.

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