Exercise 2 – Foreground, middle ground, background


This was my first drawing for this exercise. The aim was of course to focus on the foreground, mid-ground and background and I wanted to use tone to show this. I felt that this piece didn’t quite capture the essence of the scene and I feel the drawings is quite ‘matter of fact’. I felt it was quite a blank, plain drawing so I decided to create a second drawing. This time I wanted to capture more detail in the piece and to somehow show a better quality of drawing. Again I still felt that I would focus on tone as the main factor that would separate the foreground, mid-ground and background.


This was the drawing I created. I was much happier with this piece however I still think there needs to be more detail. A use of more interesting lines could have been used and co-operated into this drawing. I also think that perhaps I should have been more experimental and gone for my second drawing using charcoal something slightly heavier and more expressive. I did attempt to work with mixed media and used fine liners to create heavier detail in the foreground parts of the drawing.

My thoughts whilst drawing:

  • attempting a more detailed drawing however i feel that it is still expressive and clear mark making when using tone in my work. I believe there is still a strong sense of movement in my drawing technique.
  • I could use frontage effects to create evidence of a more detailed drawing – something I had accidentally discovered when drawing on my drawing board for this piece
  • should I put detail on the second layer?
  • concentrated on tone and line – how can I get some detailed lines on the 2nd layer
  • charcoal drawing would have been good to explore with.

I plan to be more ‘daring’ and investigative in my next drawings for perspective.

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