Refection of tutors formative feedback – Assignment 2

I was very nervous about sending assignment two in. I had finished the unit with the plan to stop the course. I find the course really hard to get to grips with and I find that my drawings are not successful enough to ‘pass’ as a drawing. HOWEVER once I received my feedback I felt so much more confident in the way I was approaching the exercises. It’s difficult when comparing my work to other students work and abilities to be confident in how I adapt my own work. I feel pleased to have read that my tutor appreciated my interest in mark making and I feel that I will be able to sway the exercises to suit the style and direction I want take. I feel like I am now starting to use the exercises as a base but ultimately begin to explore my own style and interests within drawing.

My other worry when I sent off my assignment was that my tutor was going to come back and say that I would not be able to complete the degree due to the standard of my work so far. Thankfully she believes I would be able to complete the degree. My tutor mentioned that a lot of my reflection is developed through resistance of various tasks and exercises. My tutor mentions that although I am resisting I am growing in confidence and interpreting the different exercises to benefit my own experimentation that may not necessarily be so ‘conventional’ to drawing. She mentions to move away from the ‘conventional’, ‘perfect’, ‘polished’, drawing and allow for the ‘mess’ to become a valid mark making aspect to the drawing process.

I was pleased that it was evident to my tutor that I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and exploring various materials to create mark making and taking risks that are working effectively.

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

I feel that I have been able to achieve and improve my reflection when re-working a piece of work, something that was a focus point from assignment 1. My tutor mentioned in my feedback from assignment 1 that I should try and reflect before and during when working on exercises or any thought process or decision making. I feel that I really tackled this well when completing my final piece for assignment 2. I feel comfortable and confident in re-working my drawings and making decisions on how or what I want to create in my work. This is something that I want to focus on and keep going with throughout my studies.

I have made a conscious effort to use a variety of media but also to explore a range of mark making strategies, such as; heavy, subtle and light marks within my drawing. My tutor mentions that I have created energy within my piece, something that I would really like to take through with me for assignment 3 and beyond.

The first pointer, from my tutor, for this section of the marking criteria was to start asking questions around the content of what I am aiming to do i.e. What do I want to convey? I think this is a good question to continually ask myself whilst working to keep a conceptual meaning, something I like to have in my work. She mentions to keep these responses around me, so I now have a pin board to use as a reminder for inspiration and ongoing thoughts and processes. My tutor mentions that I have an ‘interesting play with scale’ – this is something that was my aim to work with during the assignment so I am glad that it has been noted. I would like to continue experimenting with scale and perspective, as my tutor recommends.

My approach to this final drawing is ‘all-over’ / ‘figure-ground’ rather than a more traditional composition. My tutor thinks I would benefit from doing some research into artists that all take this approach. I would like to explore more into this way of working and ‘picture-making’. One point my tutor made that did intrigue me was the mention of positioning of particular marks that added a ‘sense of humour’ to my work. I found this point quite intriguing and would like to perhaps expand on this idea.


Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

My tutor mentions that I have a ‘lively brimming collection of experimental drawings’ that contain ‘genuine experimentation and layering’ which demonstrates a ‘passion and exploratory approach’. This has really boosted my confidence in my abilities to explore and not necessarily having to focus on a perfect, polished drawing.

A pointer is to get together a study plan and work out what time of day and where best suits my drawing practice and stick to this. On a personal level I have gone from job to job in recent months so I am finally starting a full time job so I will have more of a continuous plan on a day to day basis to then fit my studying in.

Along with boosting my confidence, which is a big thing I always struggle with, especially when comparing myself to others, is to set myself aims of various drawing strategies. I mention about exploring further into basic ideas I have developed, but I need to make sure I do this! A sketchbook is a perfect tool to accommodate this.

In the sketchbook my tutor acknowledges evidence of experimenting with ideas, layering and mark making and going beyond the ‘tasks’ and ‘exercises’. She reminds me that the exercises are a focus to get me started, to guide me to explore particular approaches and strategies. I think here she is saying that it is a good thing to explore further but just make sure that I develop these ideas in a timely manner.


Context, Reflective thinking, Critical thinking, Analysis

One of my aims from my last assignment was to Harvard reference all my research. This was successfully completed, something that my tutor noted. Although I need to avoid using Wikipedia.

My tutor recommends that I look and attempt some drawings from the exercises in ‘Experimental Drawing’. I have already started this in another sketchbook which I have named as ‘A Drawing A Day’. This I will be sending in with my next assignment so my tutor can see how I am improving and experimenting with other ways of drawing, as I can sometimes find the exercises quite restricting and making sure that I am ticking the boxes for the marking criteria. However my tutor mentions that this should not always be the case so I will explore this and push my drawing boundaries between the extra ‘drawing a day’ and the exercises for the unit.

I need to be more selective and concise in my research for the assignment. This is something I have always found hard to grasp as I normally start with a basis for my research and then it leads onto further investigation which I can then directly work with for my own development. I think this is ok to do but I need to try and be more direct with my chosen research perhaps. My tutor adds that ‘research is to underpin, inform and inspire – not a tick box’. Something to remember!

Learning logs/blogs

Context, Reflective thinking, Critical thinking, Analysis

My tutor gives me some points to question more deeply and then act on:

  • Do more of what I enjoy and analyse what I wish to improve on – set aims to do this
  • Develop your ‘interesting side project’ which is ‘A Drawing A Day’
  • Write down my thoughts and ideas for ‘future developments’ – set aims and a timescale to do this. I think this would be beneficial to develop in particular projects that I enjoy but to set a timescale to do them so not to go ‘off course’

Something that I found massively repetitive in my reflection process was that I was getting very frustrated with the exercises and focused a lot on the negatives in my drawing and abilities. An important pointer that my tutor makes for this assignment is to focus and comment on my strengths and visual and conceptual qualities within my work. By changing my mental approach I will start to focus on creative expectations and give myself options. It’s important to step outside your comfort zone and then flourish. I need to start setting myself positive aims alongside each exercise.

I need to limit my ‘waffling’ during my contextual research and reflection and create some more formative reflection writing. Although, my tutor has mentioned that when I focus, my reflection and analysis is of better quality, which then feeds into the development and thinking process.

Suggested reading/viewing


  • Terry Winters and Fiona Rae (re: figure ground picture making)
  • William Kentridge on his process of drawing for animation
  • David Salle – layering and over-drawing might interest me here
  • Robert Kaupelis ‘Experimental Drawing’ work my way through the exercises to support my experimentation process – this is something I have already started to do since the feedback from assignment 1.

Pointers for next assignment:

  • Set myself a workable and sympathetic study schedule
  • commit to my ‘drawing a day’ project
  • keep a breadth of research but be focussed and concise in my reflections – so I can do a wide range of research but be selective in what I use to support my development process.
  • ask myself what I would like to convey in my drawings, what qualities of marks, energy, emotion, movement, atmosphere.. content? – depending on the exercise at hand what could I focus on that relates and links through the projects.
  • When I review my own work begin by reflecting and analysing my strengths, useful strategies, bold and dynamic visual language. Set aims of which aspects I want to explore and develop further. Then analyse what isn’t working and address them.

I feel much happier and slightly more confident that my way of working and the drawings I have been producing are ok and that I don’t have to necessarily have a beautiful confined drawing. I feel confident knowing that it can be more conceptual and mark making dominant. Im feeling even more content that my tutor is allowing me and she can see how I would like to develop my own skills and thoughts throughout this unit. BE MORE POSITIVE!!!!!

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