Morandi photographic still life experiments

I was feeling a bit pessimistic about setting up some still life’s. I have always struggled to set up an ‘interesting’ still life and what is an ‘interesting’ composition?! I set up and photographed some still life and was not all excited by the,. I decided to grasp Morandi’s ideas and concepts better, I went onto photoshop and masked the lettering of the objects, almost their identity as an object had disappeared. I was so surprised by my reaction to this as I was only playing around but I really like the effect it has created. I like the unpredictability of the marks that are made on the computer, as its hard to control the mouse. The edges of each object aren’t completely straight. I have followed the shades of the objects with the colours I have used on pgotoshop. Im actually pleased and excited of how I can use this in the next stages.

Main points:

  • objects identity gone
  • fragile edges
  • following shades of colour – light/dark

The above points are what are I picked up on in Morandi’s work.

The difference with my experiments and Morandi’s work is that my images look very flat. This maybe just because its on the computer.

I have also completed some experimental work directly onto printed out photographs of the still life set ups. I found this really fun to do. I took the same approach as I did when using photoshop. I like the fact that I have kept some of the objects as they are and not painted over. I would quite like to use these experiments further into the next lot of drawings and see how I can use them to perhaps layer drawings and photographs together.

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