Final Piece for Assignment 2


Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

Throughout this unit I feel that my drawing skills have developed more and more. I really enjoyed working in mixed media in some of the past exercises and wanted to bring this through to the final drawing. I decided to focus on some of the feedback that I got from assignment 1. A lot of the targets from Assignment 1 have been given to me to focus on for assignment 2 so I tried to re-evaluate my drawing techniques and thought processes. My main points to re-focus and re-design my final drawing were; positive and negative space, layering of drawings – something that I wanted to bring into the work more and after researching artists I found this easier to tackle – almost a collage of drawn images and varying scale. I wanted to keep an element of perspective. I feel that my technical skills in this final drawing aren’t very well executed. I feel that this piece is a slight failure from all the research and development thought process aI have gone through. I feel that maybe I have had too much impact from too many thoughts and artists to make a decision on how to tackle the piece. I was able to use mixed media, something I wanted to include in the final drawing. I used; oil pastel, oil bars, biro, ink, charcoal and pencil. To create the layers in the piece I used grease proof paper (as I didn’t have any tracing paper), which I felt worked with Mehretu’s work as I feel her drawings have lighter use of marks in the background of her drawings. I was certain that I didn’t want to have a monochrome piece and I wanted hints or aspects of colour through the piece, which I think have faded away nicely using the grease proof paper so it is not too domineering.

Quality of Outcome:

I think the quality of this outcome is not very well executed and I feel that I need to develop my ideas further. Looking at artist’s that my tutor recommended was helpful and I feel they fit into my own processes well however I think it confused me and my development process was quickly bombarded with all new information that I couldn’t visually process quick enough. I find drawing difficult so I wanted to try and put emphasis on the conceptual idea behind it and these artists such as Giacometti and Mehretu enabled me to do this. However I really struggled to get to grips with their processes and techniques and I think this is a big part of the reason the quality of the work isn’t as good as I hoped it would be. I still wanted to combine my ideas after looking at Green’s work and having to amalgamate various drawings from different rooms and layering these to make a final drawing.


Demonstration of creativity:

This was a big box for me to tick. I really wanted to show my creativity and go beyond what I have been doing so far. I wanted to ‘get expressive’ and really go for it, but again I think my creativity was blocked through the confusion of my thoughts. I was eager to get on with the drawing. However I don’t think there is anything wrong with treating this piece almost as a development piece as I am keen to develop this style and my personal understanding of the artists I’ve researched so far.



I continually recorded my thoughts and feelings throughout this project and feel that I connected with the project much more than previous ones. Something that was noted from the feedback in my first assignment was to record my thoughts and reflect before, during and after I have completed a piece of work so I was very conscious of making sure I did this. Even though I feel that the final outcome isn’t the best I feel that my contextual understanding and personal reflection is getting stronger, which has always been the case for me as an artist. I get frustrated when something has such a strong contextual meaning, for me as an artist, and its not portrayed that way in my skills to execute my drawing.

Thoughts and Processes during this final drawing:

After deciding that I wanted to ‘re-do’ my final drawing for assignment 2 I made sure to write my thoughts and reflect as I worked. My thoughts and processes are below:

I wanted to combine all aspects of research and development that I and completed so far, but also the new research that I had taken on board from notes my tutor picked up on from assignment 1. I had already completed assignment 2 before I received my assignment 1 feedback so unfortunately I could only take her advice on board to finalise and re-think my processes. I wanted to re-assess my work and apply as much as I could of what my tutor had mentioned. I decided instead of moving onto assignment 3 in a completely different way i’m still going to try and find my ‘personal voice’ in this new way of working looking at various artists. I’m very apprehensive about tackling this drawing but also excited and looking forward to experimenting, I want this to be my final piece for assignment 2 but I know that I will be treating it like a development piece – I will try my best to ‘polish it off’ but also want to learn a few bits about my own processes and the processes I am trying to learn from other artists that I have researched. I have decided I am going to combine aspects of all different rooms around the house – but taking a Mehretu approach. I also really like my simple line drawing on the development stage so I will use these but attempting to complicate them by adding layers of more drawings on top.

Giacometti approach – I have taken away my rubber to leave ‘mistakes’ in.

*Remember* I also want to vary scale. I’m thinking of creating marks rather than an ‘actual’ drawing using different media to pick up on shapes or aspects of preliminary sketches and re-use them to make patterns.

Half way through the drawing:


I covered the drawing in white paint to ‘calm’ it down and layered greaseproof paper (as I didn’t have any tracing paper) on it as it was too loud. I think i’m scared of ruining a piece, which is why a lot of the time I never go for it or I cant be as expressive as to what I think I want it to be. I’m going to now focus on shapes picked up from the drawings of ‘the home’ and be confident in my decision to do so. I’m always worried that its not going to be right – I feel VERY out of my comfort zone and I’m struggling – but I guess thats good right?

After I finish this I am going to be so much more experimental and confident in my own pathway!!! (Maybe)



I’m letting accidents happen, forcing it to look messy/unpolished as a finished article.

I’m finding that I don’t ‘feel’ that it is finished and that this piece is still part of the development process, but why do I need to worry about a finished article? I’m going to carry on this theme and develop my understanding. I WANT to learn more about how to work this way.

So far I’ve hated everything about this process – liked it a little – hated it – thought of other ideas and so on…

I’m finding that because I’m working on a flat surface and because I’ve varied scale and because I want to bring all my ‘room’ sketches together its feeling like separate drawings on one piece of paper rather than one piece. Now that I have been able to re-emphasis/suggest where the fireplace is I am going to use some more grease proof paper over the top of the fireplace and then draw some aspects of other rooms and visa versa to bring the piece together a bit more. I‘m just building up, again and again with layer on layer on layers – I hope its starting to work.

I think I need to put this to rest now. I’m happy with it but not. I think I need to move on. I’ve pushed myself for this drawing and I need to continue to do so – in this style and adapt my abilities to embrace more learning of new skills. – my tutor mentioned to me bout drawing everyday. Today I received my ‘Experimental Drawing’ book so I think I may delve into that this evening as I have finished the day on a low as I cant see the final piece, (in my mid) as a finished article. Sometimes I hate being an artist its hard and stressful when your work doesn’t work.

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