Personal Voice – (Peter 2016)


Fig 1. Personal Voice (2013)

I was given a suggestion by my tutor to read a short blog post about creating a personal voice on the OCA forum. I was asked to read and give my thoughts on the piece:

I completely agree. Its about you – you as an artist. You should not immerse yourself in what you like or more importantly what you understand. Every piece of art that you see, you should ask questions – and this is why I love art. I love that the works don’t make sense. It drives to question itself. Personal voice is not about style, technique or originality. It is developing a voice that anyone will be able to distinguish for you as an artist and be able to say – yes that is Alice Powell’s work. I should research my interests, my thoughts, my topics through as many sources as possible. Reading and seeing and taking in as much information as you can will ultimately define you and your art.

Really interesting and really love it.

Peter (2016), Personal Voice. At: (Accessed on 7 November 2016)

Figure 1. Montgomery, K. (2013) Personal Voice [graphic drawing] At: (Accessed on 7 November 2016)

^^^^^^ I have also tried to get to grips and practice using Harvard referencing.

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