Assignment 2 – Final Drawing (take 1)

Sooooo I completely forgot to post my final drawing for Assignment 2. HOWEVER – since I forgot to post it and I have recently had further ideas and thoughts AND I have now had feedback from my first assignment I have decided to re-work my final drawing. I really want to test my own boundaries and the boundaries of drawing. I have some exciting ideas that I want to try out and to really make the final drawing stand out.

All this said, at the time I was initially completing my Assignment 2 I felt that it was my final outcome. I completed a reflective evaluation on my work. The below post will show this but please note this is NOT my final drawing.


Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

Throughout this unit I feel that my drawing skills have developed more and more. I really enjoyed working in mixed media in some of the past exercises and wanted to bring this through to the final drawing. I feel that my observational skills have improved greatly by really concentrating on the still life forms, and grasping the shapes of each object. Perspective was then added to the mix when drawing interiors. I found that I really had to focus on making the objects and my surroundings 3D. I found that this made me understand the idea of visual awareness as I was being forced to ‘fill in’ gaps in my drawing, as I was going around the room. I found that I struggled a lot with negative space when it came to my composition. After researching Sheila Whittam’s work I found that her use of positive and negative space really interested me as her drawings were so full and busy. I tried to make this a focus for my drawings. I was always trying to limit negative space but I think this failed. I somehow found that the use of media and colour became slightly more important for me, rather than the composition. With the use of mixed media I wanted to create texture in the piece so I used a lot of biro to add in cross hatching and mark making into the drawing. I feel this defined a lot of the furniture in the room, along with marking shadows. 

Quality of outcome:

In the development process I wanted to take the skills I had learnt and the ideas that I had with me through to the final drawing. Researching artists Anthony Green and Sheila Whittam, I found it sparked some inspiration into my work. I wanted to bring something different into the final piece, tying all my ideas together throughout the exercises I had worked on. I find drawing difficult so I wanted to try and put emphasis on the conceptual idea behind it. I found when drawing interiors you would only be focusing on one part of the room. After researching Green, I liked how he amalgamated different aspects of the room and on a flat surface he could combine all aspects of the room together in drawing. I wanted to create this too. It was a very similar thought process when researching Whittams work too. Her busy drawings made me want to fit as much into my drawing as possible. With this in mind, reflecting back on what I have drawn, it doesn’t quite suit the ideas I had in mind. It needs to be so much busier. I find that once I have drawn something ‘decent’ I don’t want to add to it in case I ruin it. I am precious about something I have done and I am proud of. I think my use of materials could be improved and slightly more care taken. 

Demonstration of creativity:

I was finally excited about being slightly more creative and taking this project into my own personal voice. I find it tough to stick to the exercises and they are so strict as to what you can produce and if you are doing it wrong or right. For this project I found myself developing ideas without focusing on the exercises too much. I wanted to experiment with my own ideas and then create this into a final drawing. 


I continually recorded my thoughts and feelings throughout this project and feel that I connected with the project much more than previous ones. Even though I feel that the final outcome isn’t the best I feel that my contextual understanding and personal reflection is stronger, which has always been the case for me as an artist. I have never been able to create perfectly executed work but my conceptual thoughts behind the task have been able to get me through, to make people understand where I’m coming from. 

I have found since reflecting on this and finding it harder to connect with the course that there is an underlying problem erupting and I’m frequently fighting the course content. My thoughts as an artist at the moment are very perplexed.

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