Exercise 3 – Study of several trees

I was looking forward to adding some different medias and colour into this task. I completed one drawing out my window – where I felt comfortable drawing from and another outside in the park. Again for this exercise I did some preliminary sketches and then took photographs so I could complete the second drawing back at home with the media I wanted to experiment with.

For my first drawing I used oil pastel. I love working with this media but I have found it hard to use in other subject matters so far. I developed layers of oil pastel to create different textures and the suggestion of leaves. Once I had completed this drawing I decided that I would adapt the oil pastel and experiment with them. I was keen to establish distance between the trees, i.e. the trees further away should be harder to distinguish. I smudged the oil pastels in the background to create an essence of space and distance between the trees. I made a point of focusing on mass in both drawings.


In my second drawing I used the ink to create a sense of perspective and distance for the group of trees. I consciously made the effort to use brighter colours at the front of the drawing and then softer, watered down colours in the background. I definitely could have distinguished the trees better from one another and focused more on form in the ink drawing, although I think my impact and decision of using colour, worked well. I maybe focused too much on using different media and colour to create a sense of distance rather than focusing on the from of the tree.


My final drawing was a very immediate reaction to my creativity, something to enhance where I was and what I was feeling at the time. I again focused on the task, concentrating on distance between trees and so on. I wanted to create an immediate sketch with feelings, emotions and movement. I have enjoyed using ink to draw with so far in this unit so i grabbed my back ink and started drawing! I enjoy the movement and unpredictability of the media in this drawing.


Out of the three exercises I think the detailed drawing was the most successful.

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