Exercise 2 – Larger Observational study of an individual tree

I enjoy drawing in biro and have recently used biro a lot in my drawings so I decided to use pencil for this exercise. Once again my heart sank as I read the exercise and it was going to be an in-depth study of a tree. However I took a deep breath and approached the task at hand. I decided to sit inside looking out the window (as our garden backs onto a park). I set up the timer to an hour (which was the minimum time given for the task). I really struggled with the drawing and after half an hour, I gave up.


This was the outcome… ^^^^^^^

I started a new job during this week and focused on that for a couple of days and then I retuned to drawing. This time I decided I was going to embrace the task and really concentrate on what was being asked of me. I packed a bag of essentials and set up camp in the park behind my house. I found that being outside, surrounding myself within the subject matter, I was able to engage with my drawing more. I went up to the tree and felt the bark. I completed some frottage and studied the tree for a while before I began drawing. This really helped. Also being out in the fresh air, which gave me a positive feeling  and positive thoughts about the task. I did about half an hours drawing outside on this exercise and then took some photos to complete the drawing back at home.

In total I spent roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes on this task. I was pleased that I was able to challenge myself in this way and even better that the outcome of the drawing was a successful one, I think.


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