Project 2: Still Life. Exercise 1

So this was the first exercise I had completed since I stopped my studying in May/June. I found it difficult to ‘get going’ again and understand what the task was asking me to do. I feel that the images that are attached to the exercises (past students work), whilst they can be helpful, I find them also quite distracting and deflect your understanding of each task. However, I use them quite a lot to help me ascertain what the task is asking of me. I completed 2 drawings. One of a complete still life set up and another of a close up of some of the items. To get a clear understanding visually of line, pattern and texture I chose to focus on dried flowers. The 2 drawing seem to be able to capture this better.


Returning to study…

So I have now moved to London and I have had quite a long time away from studying. London life is amazing but much more challenging than I had ever thought. I love the city and I love being here but I seemed to have gotten lost along the way. I have been working with florists and engaging my creativity in that way but not through Fine Art.

I have been considering other options within the creative industry. Going self employed, moving to photography, sticking with floristry, going into journalism, and whether to stop studying altogether. I have had a lot of thinking time (which isn’t good for me) but I have finally decided to continue the studying and take it more seriously. I stopped studying because I have found the course so far really frustrating. I feel that the assignments and exercises are very restricted. However why am I seeing it like that? I am eager to develop my skills and develop my thinking as an artist. I plan on taking the exercises into a deeper level of understanding to explore what I, as an artist, interpret of the exercises, rather than what I think is being asked of me. I’ve always been afraid of doing something wrong – you can’t do something wrong, its art!


This is simply me right now!