Project 3 – At Home. Exercise 1 & 2

Before I started this exercise I wanted to focus on key words in the exercise instructions to make sure I proceed with the task appropriately. I hoped that this exercise would be something that I can enjoy slightly more than the other exercises. I would be working quickly not having to worry too much about the execution and neatness of the drawing. The form and details of the drawing didn’t necessarily have to be the ye focus and I felt a lot more relaxed going into this exercise.

For the exercise it outlined for me to sit in one spot and complete different drawings moving around the room. I had considered doing this, and I will, but I also thought about other options on how to approach this task. I had an idea of moving the page around as well as my body creating images on top of each other from all 4 sides of the room, layering the drawings with different media.


When drawing I get frustrated that has to look like something. I decided I wanted to mix it up a bit so I thought about doing some drawings with my eyes closed. I considered the topic for this part and its called ‘at home’. There is nothing I know better than what my own home looks like, why would I need to keep my eyes open when drawing something I know so well. This was my way of adding some conceptual meaning to the piece. I want to get interested and involved in the project so I decided I would adapt my drawings, I hope that this will keep my personal interest apparent, as well as myself as an artist. I think this part (the home) is a perfect chance to develop different ways of drawing.


When I ‘attempted’ to draw the hallway, as it was quite a confined space, it meant I only had the space in front of me. I was forced to focus on perspective rather than the finer details and there weren’t many objects to focus on.


HEAD IS NOW ALL OVER THE PLACE – ARGH askfdjhas aisldfasfa!!!!

After my thoughts about a more conceptual approach I looked again t the information and felt I needed to focus on what was asked. I will now focus on drawing in the bathroom and bedroom for the ‘4 quick sketches turning 45 degrees after each one’. I enjoy working in biro.



quick thoughts – scale – drawing in relation to each other is something that would need to be improved and targeted more in the next drawing.

Looking back at my drawings I really enjoyed aspects of the bathroom. I enjoyed drawing the door. In the past I have always struggled with perspective, but I quite enjoyed focusing on perspective without being too worried if the drawing looked ok. I think the single line drawings i.e. the bathroom ones, work really well.

I think I will continue to focus on the bathroom as I have enjoyed this part the most but I may also explore the lounge as I love the feature fireplace we have.

Becoming frustrated drawing the same thing. I tried to master how to draw the sink tap as it was annoying me that I couldn’t create the right perspective. I think I finally got it. I have decided to go onto the research part to spark some inspiration.


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