Exercise 3

A key focus for this exercise I think is tone and objects. I am going to use mixed media for this exercise.

I was fairly pleased with this drawing. I think I managed to really focus on tone well and the overall execution was fairly successful. I love the use of ink in the drawing, again it could do with more ‘going on’ in the drawing – like in a lot of my interior drawings there is a lot of negative space.

Overall reflection – I think I struggle with the course because of the rigidity of the exercises and tasks. I enjoy developing my work and I find it hard to hop from task to task. I have started to notice, although finishing each exercise, I sometimes develop ideas further in some exercises and not others. I think this is a good thing, as I am noticing what I am enjoying and developing my own style and skills as an artist. Part of the reason I wanted to complete the degree course was because I wanted to develop my skills and be challenged. Finding my own voice as an artist is good but also pushing myself to understand other ways of working, will give me a greater understanding of the art world and ways of working. If I wasn’t being challenged there wouldn’t be any point in my completing the course.

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