Exercise 4

I was really nervous about starting this exercise. I wanted it to be a presentable drawing, something that I would be proud to share (as I have mentioned before I am not confident at drawing). I always struggle with what I have in my head and then putting it down on paper. I consider my style to be chaotic and abstract. When reading about the exercise I initially chose to aim for more expressive lines. However I wanted to challenge myself and decided that I would aim for a more detailed drawing. I decided that I was going to use biro as I really enjoyed using this medium in the recent exercises. Before rushing into any particular drawing (as I have been doing) I decided to try and connect with the media and objects I was drawing.


I completed some initial sketches which consisted of a mix of organic and manufactured objects. As I was using the biro I found that it was brilliant for creating detailed marks and lines. I focused on smaller parts of a particular objects. For example the tiny holes, on the striking surface, on the side of a matchbox. I found that I started to get impatient and that maybe the biro was slightly too detailed for a drawing on A3 scale. I re-considered the mediums that I have enjoyed working with and decided to experiment with ink. I decided that I was going to use ink with all organic objects for my still life group, as this interested me more.

I have a favourite plant at the moment which I had recently bought from a florist so I wanted to in-cooperate this into the group of objects. I was really interested in the textures of the leaves. I set up a still life using fruit, veg and plants. I initially drew a quick outline of the shapes so it was easy for me to follow when putting in shadows.


I was sooooooo pleased with what I had done!!!! I was really impressed with how I had used the ink and I successfully created the perfect textures on the leaves on the plant. However it took me a while to complete, so I kept taking a step back so that I would not get despondent of the image and completed it to the best of my ability. I then left it a few days once I had completed the plant part. I was worried about adding the fruit and that it would take the focus away from the plant.

I had to finish it so on a Saturday morning I just did, and i’m so happy I did. I feel so triumphant that I have been able to complete something that I like. I executed the textures and tones so well using ink. I decided to keep the background white as I was concerned it would take away the detail of plant. I may adapt this at a later date and add some shadow but I like how it is at the moment. I really enjoyed working in monochrome as it allowed me to focus on what was there rather than worrying about what colour went where. I feel that this is one of the best pieces I have completed so far on the course. Im looking forward to starting the next part.



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