Exercise 3

I really enjoy using mixed media. The first drawings I did I decided to create a textured/collaged surface to work on. I was going to use coloured pencil to draw over the top with and biro. When I felt I had added what I needed using the pencil and biro I chose to add in some highlighter pen to give slightly more emphasis on the drawing and to combine media in a drawing that I wouldn’t normally use. I enjoyed using the highlighter so for my next one I wanted to carry on using a thick pen.

I wanted to see how pen and ink would work together so this was what i experimented with next. I like the way the ink created fluidity in the piece and I can create varied tone i.e. when I water down the ink it creates a softer and lighter effect. I enjoyed using the felt-tip as it was very free but also slightly messy. I wasn’t being precious about the drawing which I enjoyed. However I feel like I need to focus on the objects to make it look like a still life drawing, the drawing, although I don’t want it to be perfectly drawn. I think it might just need some areas of detail with a different media, so I have decided to add some pencil in. Whilst I was adding pencil in, it struggled to show through the ink so I decided to use biro which was still a fine media but would stand out more.


I have just looked at a fellow students blog. BE MORE CREATIVE ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so fed up of not being able to draw well! I struggle with drawing so much and this unit is really testing my abilities. I am trying to be creative as possible and experiment in various ways but Im finding it a challenge. I have looked at some other blogs and I have found one blog which has really inspired me. For exercise 2 the student really took colour and line literally and clearly used both in her drawing. Now that I have worked on exercise 3 I have found, I have developed my experimentation. I think this has been successful so I want to quickly return to exercise 2 to re-work some of my drawings ideas. Yet again I think I took exercise 2, too literally! If i’m going to focus on line i think biro is the best media for this. For the colour I will be using ink, pastel and pencil, as I really liked the fluidity in exercise 3.

Combining exercise’s 2 & 3

I took it to the next level and combined colours and media. I really focused on both line and colour this time. I paid close attention to my use of oil pastel which worked much better in this piece than the very first piece I did. The way I have been doing the exercises and developing each one as i’ve done them is reminding me of how I used to work. I think this is why I have been struggling from going to task to task with no ‘flow’ to my work. It used to take me a while to understand a task and visually interpret it. I’ve never been one to make the perfect piece on my first attempt and I think this is why, now on my 6th attempt I am finally happy. I find it hard to work in a regimented manor and prefer to develop my skills and experiment rather than go from task to task. I think i’m finally getting it! Whoo!

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