Exercise 2

As soon as I opened the page to this exercise I immediately noticed the image attached to the instructions. I was confronted with a ‘proper’ drawing, or what I consider a proper drawing. The form and shapes where perfectly executed and (not being a confident drawer) my heart sank. However I wasn’t going to concentrate on the image that was there. I was going to focus on the task at hand and let my own style as an artist come through. The exercise instructed to either use coloured pencil or pastel. Oil pastel is one of my favourite mediums so I decided to use that. My first oil pastel drawing did not go well. I think this was mainly the objects I used as they do not have a clear/regimented form to them (2 vases and an antler). However I wasn’t going to be defeated and decided to start again. This time I changed colours and really tried to focus on the shadows, light and colours in the still life arrangement. I started to get frustrated as my form was all over the place and I couldn’t work out what went where on the page. I left it for the day.


I came back to the exercise a couple of days later. This time I was going to set up a different still life and use more solid forms. I also decided to change to colour pencil to make the forms stand out. I spent over 2 hours on this piece but I’m still not happy with it and I don’t think I have mastered the task. Even though I started with the darkest tone and used various colours to build up the mid and light tones, I didn’t blend the colours as well as I had hoped to.

I re-read the instructions and it said ‘consider whether you’ve used good use of line, tone and colour’. Colour – yes. Tone – yes. Line – I’m not sure. I also haven’t executed the task as asked – using the side of the medium. I feel that its getting better so I am going to go again. This time making more emphasis on the side of the medium and blending my colours more. I’m going to try and not focus on the neatness of the drawing.

Im working on my 4th piece now and its going well so far. I have been using the edge of the pencil and roughly putting in the dark tones but with light pressure to them build up.

FINALLY I have done it! I’m not 100% happy but feel very much like I have achieved something! I used the colours to build up various tones. I could see the drawing changing the more colour I added. I felt that I could finally connect with the drawing I was creating adding more and more distinction to the piece. As I was working I quickly returned to the instructions of the exercise and highlighted the words that I was going to focus on, in the back of my mind, whilst drawing. ‘adding layers of colour on colour’, ‘spontaneous and energetic’ and ‘messy’. I decided to concentrate on these words because I felt that these were the only things I hadn’t focused on in the other drawings and it was what I was missing about the original drawings from the exercise. I’m glad I did and I am pleased with the final outcome.


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