Project 1, Exercise 1 – Detail and tone



I have found this drawing really hard and it hasn’t been very successful and I could feel myself getting very frustrated with it. The focus of this drawing was detail and tone. I was unsure if this task was to be completed in coloured pencil or not. I feel that I had to really focus on the pattern of the pine cones and I found this really difficult to do. The exercise was time consuming and I think that is what I found the biggest challenge. Building up the cross hatching and shades of colours. I tried to think about composition this time however, I think that the position of the objects on my age were good and i was happy with that. I’m not sure that I  have sufficient contrasts in shadow and light areas. I think I need to step away from the picture and perhaps maybe try again with a different object. My next step was to ‘go deeper’ with this exercise. I decided to complete a drawing focusing on various tones and another focusing on the detail of the object.


After drawing these other objects I feel slightly more confident in being able to understand this task. After my first assignment I realised that I needed to in more depth with these exercises and I feel confident that I have done so for this task. I could improve my drawings further, developing tone slightly more but I feel confident that I have understood what needed to be completed.

I found it hard to achieve tone using various layers of coloured pencil. The oil pastel however is easier to blend and I could blend various shades of purple and white to imitate the flowers in my drawing, however when using the oil pastel  it was hard to pick up the smaller details. This is why I decided to return to the colour pencil when I came to draw the next object (the orange) as this drawing was to focus on detail. After reflecting on my work I have many more ideas and I feel happy that I have really experimented in this one exercise and I have pushed myself. I believe that there are improvements to be made but that is part of the development process. I will take what I have reflected on, with me to the next stage. I feel so relieved I finally got ‘deep’ with something!

Below are some other composition possibilities that I could have used and I will take this idea of brainstorming this for the next few exercises.


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