Playing around with composition

Here are some examples of experimenting with composition. I wanted to do a little bit of practical work, rather than just research to really understand what I had just researched. I found that I questioned so many more aspects that will now be another focus for when I come to do the next exercises throughout this unit.

I used magazine cut outs, so I could simply focus on the placement of the images on the page. I used actual objects that I had cut out from magazines and then I also cut up random shapes with different colour harmonies to place the together and see how they worked together. I made some links with each piece of work and what worked better than other aspects. For example; the image with the objects in I found that the varying scale in some of them was too much, so I adapted this approach to the next one, with the shapes to make sure that the size of the shapes were fairly similar with only slight changes in scale. The background of the objects wasn’t very successful, so again I developed this further and decided not to have a ‘background’ as such for the shapes. I’m glad that I played around with this idea.

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