Tutor Feedback – 5/4/16

After speaking with my tutor she was able to iron out various concerns about submitting my first assignment. I was able to reflect about my assignment whilst talking to her. I feel that I have not immersed myself into this assignment as much as I should have. I felt that I was completing each exercise as an almost tick box and once it was done I was moving onto the next exercise without really understanding what I had just done or what the activity was asking of me. Although I was pleased with I a few of the outcomes the smaller tasks I felt were almost useless. I have realised that this way of working is not going ‘deep’ enough into making it a personal and approachable exercise for my to actually complete in a artistic manner, understanding my own practice and comparing it to others.
I feel that I do thorough artist research and I really grasp an understanding of the artists work but I do not compare this to my own work and how it relates. When I come to start assignment 2 I will be concentrating on understanding each task and completing, even small bits of research, to perhaps help me to go ‘deeper’ into the task. I will be putting these thoughts onto my blog.
When I was completing my temporary drawings I felt really involved with the work and I didn’t want to stop creating. There is not reason why I shouldn’t carry on exploring this way of working, however do not lose track of continuing through the unit.
When I am exploring into more detail, with the exercises or artist research try and relate this into the wider world of things.
For my assignment I will need to select and edit my own work that I chose to submit. The submission does not need to contain everything I have completed for assignment 1 but it needs to show a development of work that I have immersed myself in, unfortunately I do not think I have a decent amount of work to show. This is a learning curve and I will now put all these things into practice for my next assignment.

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