Final drawing for assignment 1


This is my final drawing for the end of this part of the unit. This is the main piece that I will be submitting for assignment 1.

I selected a range of objects to draw. Some with specific meaning to me and some not. The main item that you are drawn to, I would say, is the hat. This is my partner’s hat and I have fond memories of him modelling this hat for a photoshoot I completed for a floristry course. The items that are secondary to this are the candle stick and the headphones. I am very much inspired by music and I listen to it while working; I also often light a candle when I’m working, or try to. I find that this soothes me and I like the energy it gives off. I used a jug and a glass, in the background of this drawing. I found that these objects linked to my other drawings and I also use this jug to put flowers in. The clog and the sunglasses at the base of the drawing are some of my personal possessions to which I wanted to create some interest in the drawing, of different forms. I tired to use various mark making ideas and vary my medium that I chose to do these in. The main objects with clear mark making is the hat, candle stick and headphones. I feel slightly negative towards the outcome of the mark making on my hat. I spent a lot of time, individually drawing each line to create a texture for the hat, however when I sprayed hair spray onto the drawing (to fix the charcoal to the paper) I found that this blended the marks together on the hat but had actually intended to keep the marks clear and separate from each other. I tried to used charcoal to create parts of shadow. I was really pleased with the outcome of the mark making on the headphones and candle stick. It was hard to make the exchange from dark to light as I was unable to to use a medium tone although I think it looks quite good. I found it hard to use pencil against the darker shades i.e. in the jug although I think it creates a calmer and softer essence to the drawing. I was unhappy with the first drawing I completed so I cut out the main parts of the drawing and stuck it to a new sheet of paper and added the candle stick and sunglasses. I felt I needed to balance the heaviness of the black pen and the soft pencil, as the hat and charcoal are quite a domineering medium. The drawing as a whole, I am fairly pleased with as I do find focusing on still life and drawing for a while a challenge and I like to work quickly. I was displeased with the effect of the charcoal as I think it takes away the detail from the hat and headphones, this is why I attempted to complete the shadows in pencil rather than charcoal so the charcoal was not a dominant medium in this piece. I keep looking at the finished product and I feel it is missing something but I’m not sure what?!

Reflecting on marking criteria:

Demonstration of technical and visual skills –

I think the main subject of the drawing i.e. the hat, jug and headphones are too much of a focal point, this is why I ended up adding a candle stick and a pair of sunglasses to relieve the domineering central point. However I don’t think think I managed to do this successfully. It would have been more interesting if I had created more negative space between the central objects. However I did try to make unusual angles when bringing the objects together, leaning on each other. I think because I don’t feel confident in myself as a ‘drawer’ I didn’t have confidence to really push my skills with ‘too much’ to think about.  I think my drawing truly reflects the characteristics of the objects chosen through careful observation and focusing on the texture and composition of said objects. I used various techniques that I had practised and experimented with previously which then inspired me to use in this final drawing. I was really pleased with the mark making I created using the fine liner for the headphones and candle stick.

Quality of outcome –

The quality of my outcome has adjusted slightly. This drawing originally was drawn with a strong dark shadow at the base of the hat. This threw the drawing ‘off balance’ and masked the detail of the mark making. I decided to loose this shadow, however I had already used hair spray to fix it onto the page. I cut the main image out of the page and place it on a fresh piece of paper. I then added extra items to improve the balance and shadow of my drawing. The quality of this outcome is not quite up to scratch. I feel that I have related all my visual ideas. The technique I used to create material texture was used in one of the exercises earlier on in the assignment. I thought this texture imitated the layered type material of the hat. I feel that the composition would have worked better if I had completed the whole drawing using this technique. Overall I need to plan my composition and ideas next time with different techniques. I didn’t plan this very well… I have thought about what objects I wanted to use and how they have been arranged. The objects I chose a mixture of everyday and meaningful objects that create some sort of story for me, as as individual and an artist. The candle light represents light and is calming. I light it most days for the aroma and peace. I often complete my work while having a candle burning. Headphones represents music, joy and various other emotions. This can be linked with the empty glass and jug as this is an emotion a often feel when I am not doing what I love. The clog represents, memories, friends and a constant desire to travel and see the world and the candle light helps reflect on these feelings and thoughts. The hat and sunglasses link with the desire to travel and see the world and provide a sense of fulfilment. As I grow as a person and become more full of experience, memories, knowledge and joy so too will the jug and glass become more full.

Demonstration of creativity –

I think I have a great deal of experimentation in this final drawing, that maybe I should have finalised for the last drawing. I feel that I am almost still at the stage of developing an image, an idea and not for a final piece. I wanted, however, to use mixed media to crate different textures and variations in my work. I wanted the work to reflect my own personal way of working so I used mixed media and a range of techniques. I like to work quickly and I think a lot of final pieces are fairly busy, full of experimentation and energy. However this drawing is definitely missing my energy. I find drawing, as a pathway, challenging as I find it hard to explore my creativity in a 2D way with limited drawing materials. But reflecting I question myself and think why do I need to limit myself in a 2D way. I feel ashamed that I haven’t challenged this and I think this is what I need to do for my next assignment. I need to push myself to my working limits, creatively and physically.

Context –

I feel I haven’t been as thorough or completed enough research for this assignment. I should have perhaps related more of my own exercises to artists that focus on varying aspects of drawing, especially light and shadow. I think this may have helped my thinking ‘outside the box’ and in turn left to further developments of my drawings.



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